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My best experience at Epps High School is the clubs and sports. The clubs I’m in are 4-h an fccla. In 4-h I show breading and market hogs and LOVE every minute of it.An the sports I have played while attending this school are basketball, softball and baseball. My all around rating for this school would be average. If you ever plan on attending any school activities or even going to school there I would high recommend it! The staff are great an very easy to get along with.
Epps High School is a good school in a small city of Epps. It's got great teachers and faculty staff.
I Have Been At Epps High School My Entire Life . What I Like about the school is there way of learning and the teachers way of making the school a better learning place. I Love Being at this school . I am now a senior getting ready to graduate may of 2017. The teachers have worked so hard to make the school a better place and to make the students behave better. They have a strong discipline policy . what I would like to see change is the way the students act.
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More needs to be done with the baseball and softball but basketball and track are great
The school nurse does a good job taking care of everyone. We don't have campus security, just security cameras. We have practice drills every now and then. Overall, the school cares about the safety of the students.
We have a fairly good amount of clubs to choose from. Most of the clubs do a lot of activities to make the school year fun.
Basketball and track or the school's main concern. Softball and baseball are making a small comeback, but they're not as important to the Principle. There is still a great amount of involvement from student and parent support, as well as team work.
The facilities and resources are great here. There's a counselor on campus two days a week and a career coach once a week. Parent involvement isn't the best, but it's better than it used to be. The computers are new and up to date in the computer labs as well.
The school has small classes and most of the teachers are great. The teachers are always willing to help, if you need it.
Most of the students and classmates are great too.
The cafeteria'a food is pathetic!
The principal is all for himself.
The workload is manageable for most students who care about their work and future. Scheduling is normally already done for you, because we do have less course choices than other high schools.
Serves basically the same type of food every day.
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