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I really hate it here and can not wait to leave. The school is filled with horrible people. I do not mind most of the teachers. We have had some horrible ones though. Two of my past science teachers have been fired from the school. Many of the students are narrow minded. There is no real school spirit. We are the punch line in everyone's jokes.
Overall, Epping was an average experience. I would give it two stars, but I feel that most schools are not facilities that actually suit high school students. The counselors are not approachable, the teachers are average, although they are very friendly towards the students. The administrators are not good when it comes to advocating for the students to be college ready. Honestly, Epping is nothing to boast about at all, but it could be worse.
It is the worst school. It does not help students prepare for real life or college. We have a very high college drop out rate. The school does not believe in mid terms or finals. They say it causes to much stress on the students. How are we going to learn to deal with real life issues and college issues if they don't teach us how to deal with it. It only an excuse because the teachers are too lazy to do their jobs.
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Harder class options needed. High acheiving math students do not have anywhere to go after taking Calc AB. High acheiving science students dont even get the option at taking an AP science class.
There are many great teachers at this school who care about their students and want them to succeed. But overall, the academics, administration, and opportunities are poor and as a former student, I would never send my child to this school.
I love the environment. Everyone is accepting and always encourages others to do their best. The teachers work to make sure the students get every chance to increase their education.
This school had a lot of school spirit my first year and the climate was very light and upbeat. As the years went on I started to see more drug useage. I would like to see less drug useage and more involvement in academics. The drop out rate is tremendous.
My time at Epping High School was both good and bad. There were many changes in administration which made it rocky. Each administrator had a different idea of what they wanted and they were big changes that happened fast. The terrible block scheduling and 90 minute classes were the worst part. No one was about to sit through 90 minutes of sitting in a desk and hearing a teacher talk. This made it hard to focus and learn. This year however, the administration wants to make changes to these things. I am disappointed that I will not be around to experience these changes. Epping High School has a great community. With only an average of 65 students per grade is is great to be able to know everyone that I go to school with.
The nurse is always available and the school does not tolerate bullying. School environment is safe.
There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities at the school. Theses clubs and organizations are only high quality when the students take them seriously.
The school wasn't a great learning environment. Students weren't challenged enough and the grading system didn't include finals, therefore college preparation was lacking.
Teachers are nice and approachable. However, many teachers don't challenge students enough.
I have struggled off and on with this school for many years. While the Elemantary School is amazing, the Middle High School lacks in getting all children ready for "the next steps" . My child needed constant support to motivate him. As the years went on I asked at every grade, on a regular basis for him just to sit with someone at least once ever 1 or 2 weeks to check in on him, it was a enough to keep him on target....nope they would and then just stop. I can tell when his grades dropped. He struggled from the first day till the last.

If you child is not self motivating, this is not the school for them. If your child is very motivative, then it's a great school for them.
The school isn't that bad and it's Nothing to rave about.
mostly sports. other clubs aren't as advertised
Some cliques, but everyone is mostly open.
Nice new gym and weight room and cardio room
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Didn't really listen to the students, unless it was Houlihan.
Teachers are great, but curriculum hasn't helped my much.
i have loved this school up untill this year
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