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Episcopal has changed my life. I didn’t realize how nurturing of an environment it was. That nurture encouraged me to try things I would have never thought of doing, such as yearbook. They offer so many clubs, activities and opportunities so there is something for everyone. My only critique would be to for ESJ to try to have more diversity within the student and faculty population. It is very awkward being out in a situation where you are the only minority in your academic class.
All teachers really care about you and your future! So many time during the school day you can get extra help.
As a student here, I have found that my experience so far has been mostly positive, but there are some exceptions. We recently have installed a new lunch program with many different options, however, the options are relatively the same each day. Our athletic facilities are pristine, but our Physical Education coach, Coach McCoy has a bad attitude and constantly insults us. On one occasion, she said, "Y'all are the most un-athletic class to come through this school!". Some may see this as harsh encouragement, but her tone and facial expressions proved this to be a negative remark. The dress code is focused on giving the school a good reputation instead of creating unity and preventing bullying.
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I had a fantastic seven years at Episcopal! I feel I received an excellent education, and Episcopal more than prepared me for college!
Going to Episcopal for high school was the best decision i’ve ever made. I was nurtured and challenged both the perfect amount all four years, and feel well prepared for college and all that is coming my way. I’d reccomend this school to anyone considering it!
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees. Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
Extremely unprofessional in their dealings with prospective employees.
I enjoyed the campus most at Episcopal. It is a large open campus with trees and you never feel confined. The teachers are outstanding, I have never been denied extra help or attention. The facilities are superior to a lot of colleges, our new football stadium is without a doubt one of the best stadiums out of all High schools in town. Our art facilities, especially the photography, is outstanding. We have our own functioning dark room which most colleges don't offer anymore. Our school functioned events are fun and safe and well organized. The academics are challenging but I feel secure going into college.
Absolutely fantastic school. This place of learning (in my experience) is the most encouraging, friendly, loving, and involved place on earth. The teachers love to teach, and are ready to answer any questions a student might have. In addition, 1:1 time is encouraged with students. I’m in 5 AP classes right now, and I am comfortable and feel like I’ll do great on exams. In addition, there is an in-depth college counciling office that gets with each and every student, starting in tenth grade. 11/10
Episcopal is a great environment where it’s academically rigorous. The faculty, facilities and administration are great. It could be a lot more diverse, however.
Episcopal is a great school with a great learning environment for every student. Though the population is pro dominantly white, students of color do not face any types of restrictions.
Episcopal is a great school. Academics are challenging. There are many clubs and activities to join.
I was given a minority scholarship through the New Horizons program and I can truly say that I would not trade my experience for anything. We are given so many opportunities to try new tings and find who we are as people. I was able to find my passion for baseball and theatre, and most importantly I was allowed to do both at the same time!
My favorite school I ever attended by far. I switched between two other schools for elementary school, and I came to ESJ for middle school and upper school. The academics are rigorous and take commitment and hard work. The teachers are great, but there are always teachers I won't like. However, that is applicable to any school. The school itself is very safe, as the campus is patrolled by a private security firm. As a current college student, I can safely say that ESJ gave me the best possible preparation to be successful in college.
Episcopal is full of unique people and talents. The faculty are some of the most caring people you'll meet. They don't just want to teach you, they want your success. There's an assortment of academics, sports, and arts available. The arts program in particular is absolutely incredible, and is one I know best. From my experience growing up at the school I can affirm that although you'll be challenged here in many ways, you'll be better for those challenges and be extrememly well-prepared for college. As long as you put in the work and make smart choices, this school is outstanding.
Episcopal School of Jacksonville shaped me into the hardworking, intellectual, and determined person I am today, and I am eternally grateful to them for that. They have mainly great teachers who are always readily available to help students who need clarifying on topics or who missed class. Overall, the academics are very rigorous and challenging, but I am thankful for that because it forced me to learn how to work hard at school and ultimately led to my acceptance to Wake Forest University. If I could change one thing, it would be better athletic coaching so we have more championships, but other than that, I highly recommend ESJ and am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend.
The Episcopal School of Jacksonville was amazing. They made it easy for students to get involved in things they enjoyed and there is a real sense of comradery among students. They also work hard to make sure students form relationships with teachers and other staff. Episcopal students are smart and kind and it is truly an incredible place to grow up.
I love ESJ. Everyone is so amazing and the classes are very engaging. Playing a sport there is an awesome experience, because no matter what team you are on, you bond with your teammates, and that makes the experience even better.
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I've enjoyed my teachers, friends, classes, and sports at Episcopal and have been attending since I was in seventh grade. I would not have wanted to go anywhere else for middle and high school.
I am one of the few high school seniors that isn't tired of her school yet, nor could I ever be. ESJ is a place like no other, as cliche as it sounds. The opportunities, friendships, and more are beyond anything I could've dreamed.
Episcopal prepared me very well for college academically and socially, with its rigorous courses and inclusive social atmosphere. I felt sufficiently challenged at Episcopal and I felt as though they offered a wide variety of classes for varied interests. I enjoyed the emphasis on a well rounded student, with art classes, physical education classes, public speaking, and computer classes all being requirements.
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