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I, attending the school myself, I would advise against sending your children there, as their (new) administration is borderline insane and the school’s culture is toxic, especially for boys who attend the school. One example of the school’s toxic culture is the institution of SpeakUp, a number that the school uses to get anonymous reports of bullying. This service has resulted in many kids(boys, mostly) getting discipline for reports of “bullying” that are considered normal behavior for adolescent boys and are often hugely exaggerated or sometimes even completely false. Another issue with the school is it’s overly political teachings, with very biased teachings on many American issues being taught. For example, we had a biased Black Lives Matter unit in one class, and another staff member kept forwarding the entire schools invitations to a political gun violence protest. In conclusion, Episcopal, for boys at least, is a lackluster school choice for your son/daughter.
Episcopal is a safe place filled with inspiring people all devoted to learning and better themselves. One of the most admirable qualities of Episcopal is the community and the Arts program.
I like how the teachers care about the students' grades and they don't give up on students when they know we can do better. I would like the administration to take into account the opinions of the students more, rather than just listening to the parents however.
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I loved all of the teachers, the courses, and the people I met at this institution. The teachers were always available to help with difficult material, and I genuinely felt that each of my professors wanted me to be successful in their class. The people at this school build a community and truly care about one another and want to help each other succeed and be happy.
Money, money, money. That’s what it’s all about at Episcopal. Students opinions and feelings are not taken into consideration AT ALL. I attended this school my whole academic career and hated every second. One little slip up, and you child could be suspended. They have a zero-tolerance policy with a thug at all. Reputation and money are all that matter to them. They will only listen to whoever has money and makes large donations to the school. The academics are fine, but you can honestly get the same education at Dunham, and I’m sure they treat their students better than here. But is a decent education worth your child resenting their school for 18 year of their life. I beg you don’t send your kids to this school and put them through the same torture I went through for my whole academic career. Thank You for reading this.
Episcopal High School is a fantastic school where teachers and administrators are given freedom and funding to explore the untapped potential of their students in new and creative ways. The school has had its ups and downs in the past but I sincerely believe that this school has the potential to touch students lives and bring them to new heights. I am an alumni and currently attend Lehigh University. I wholeheartedly dedicate all my success academically to the teaching of the excellent faculty at the school and their dedication to forming the whole student.
Everything at Episcopal revolves around the upholding of a standard and decisions made in accordance with that philosophy can have some negative effects on the student experience at times.
Episcopal High School is very welcoming to new students and the academic, sports and arts programs are fantastic! This past year was my first and it was only possible because Episcopal provides the opportunity for merit scholarships and financial aid. Nevertheless, students, teachers and faculty welcomed me warmly and has continued to help me, along with others, develop a meaningful character in every realm of life.
My years at EHS have been wonderful. The campus is beautiful, the teachers, well most have been amazing and I truly believe that I am prepared for college because of this school.
Those that love the school are old-money Baton Rouge socialites who ignore what the students go through. EHS tells the kids they are God's gift to the world and how because you went to Episcopal, life will be so easy. What they do is take the most exceptional students and put them in a metaphorical straight jacket. Every student must be well rounded to their standards, participating in athletics, arts, taking advanced courses and limiting what free time is left. EHS kids are over diagnosed w/ ADHD and are given way too much medication for it. The statistics that Episcopal knows exist and won’t acknowledge are the facts that each class has a significantly high number of kids that develop mental health issues. Some years have ¼ flunk out of college. Several people that I personally know have had drug/alcohol related issues and it goes back to their early adult development. The folks in charge won't ever mention this. Every employee that has brought this up has been swiftly removed.
Episcopal of Baton Rouge definitely prepared me for my future. The rigorous academic courses paired with a fantastic faculty helped gear my drive and passion for higher education.
The EHS community is great. Academics are wonderful, and the administration is supportive of the students.
Through my years at EHS, all the kids wanted to do was leave. All the school cares about is money and reputation. Bullying and lack of respect is a serious problem at EHS. The administration is lazy and uncaring. I would recommend Dunham or Catholic High if you want your child to be raised and taught well and successfully.
Beautiful school campus! They are always updating facilities on both the academic and athletic sides! The schooling from pre-k to 12th values a Christian base, constantly is building in preparation for college and encourages students to get involved with all extracurricular activists they promote on campus and in the community.
It is a very nice school with very friendly people including students, faculty and teachers that all want you to succeed. The atmosphere of the school is very nice and everyone who attends this school really wants to be here.
I can tell you one thing about Episcopal. If you aren't a specific type of person, which is the preppy type, you will no fit in. Simple as that. I went to EHS for 2 years and I ca honestly say that it was the most miserable time of my life.
I loved my time at Episcopal High School and have been successful in college because of the rigorous classes and expectations from my teachers at Episcopal.
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Episcopal High School did well to prepare me for college and all of its difficult facets. The teachers forced me to work hard and persevere through tough work loads and difficult material, making college much more of a breeze.
Everyone rates the academic quality of the school, but doesn't include the student body and happiness each student has. I agree, the academics are pretty advanced, though some of the teachers rush the learning process and some assign too much work which creates extremely overwhelmed students. the student body though is what makes Episcopal difficult for many kids to enjoy. The students are judgemental and it is quite difficult to fit in. There's drama all the time and no one trusts each other amongst the students. It is hard to find any real friends and I find myself alone and miserable even when in big groups. The school has good academics (but maybe not as amazing as they are made out to be), stressful homework, and a difficult student body.
We have resident nurse and inhouse athletic trainer
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