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My sons both graduated after attending middle school and high school at ESA and were accepted into top engineering colleges. They still thank us for the great education, with caring teachers and coaches they had. The older one told his brother “learn all you can in high school, professors in college will not care if you understand the material like they do a ESA”.
As a former student the Episcopal School of Acadiana set me up to achieve the most that I can in my post high school life. School life was never dreadful because of the connections students and teachers had in the classrooms. Not only did your teachers care about you but they want to see you succeed.
My children went here for several years and I became less and less impressed with it. The honor code is a joke. Students go on a school trip, do bad things, get caught and nothing of significance happens to them. What does this tell the rest of the students? Go ahead and do it, you wont get in trouble!
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My experience at ESA has been amazing. It has definitely gotten me ready for college. Teachers were always opened to help those who had trouble with their work. The college counselor definitely invests his time into helping the students get into college. He continues to remind the students daily about upcoming scholarships and application deadlines. ESA is a wonderful place to be, and the curriculum prepares you for college.
Highly overrated, most kids there are sent there by grandparents money, socially awkward and get to judge lesser empowered kids through their ridiculous honor code and honor council. Campus is beautiful but classrooms, gymnasium and other facilities are terrible. Kids of parents that teach there have many more privileges than the rest. At one time this was the private school to attend in the area but no more, others out there now with much more to offer!
My experiences at ESA has made me into the person I am today. Transferring there from my old school really took a toll on me. I did not know anyone, but everyone went out of their way to talk to me. People made sure I was comfortable with my transition.
My experiences have taught me to be myself. ESA is not a place where people will judge you. I am so thankful for my parents sending me there. That school prepares you for college. They want you to be the best in what you could be and I am very grateful for that community.
We relocated to the Lafayette area from another state approximately 4-5 years ago. We always wanted our children to get the very best opportunities within our residential location. Moving from out of state, we quickly learned that ESA offerred the best overall opportunities for our children. The one thing that we notice where the school really continues to struggle at is the lack of diversity! The diversity within this school is grossly over represented on this website. Overall, this is school has a really good curriculum with many different extracurricular activities for the children.
I enjoyed the environment, classroom sizes, activities, and especially the faculty. The campus reminded me of a mini college with disconnected classrooms and tons of open spaces for the students to socialize, study, and/or play. The classroom sizes were small, ranging from about 5-20 kids, and engaging. The best part about the school was the faculty. The faculty engaged with the students, whether it was inside of the classroom, library, soccer fields, tennis court, or basketball court. The faculty's relationship with the student body is unique, and you could described the community as a close knit family.
ESA students learn how to take ownership of their own learning. The teachers deliver rigorous content and prepare their students with a strong foundation, but they somehow also spark our children’s own intrinsic motivation. My kids can’t wait to go to school. They love learning and working hard in school. I’m amazed by ESA.
I started school here in sixth grade. I came from a big Catholic school and this was one of the best decisions ever made. This is a small independent school with a very welcoming environment. The teachers really care about you and really want to see you succeed! Love it here!
I can't even put into words how much this school means to me. I came to ESA my freshman year from a very strict elementary school, and I was immediately shocked at the amount of freedom the students have here. The administration creates such a strong foundation of trust and respect with each and every student. It was such a surprise to see the genuine care and love that the people in this community have for each other, and now, I could never imagine sending my children anywhere else. The academics are nothing short of phenomenal, as well. ESA taught me how to balance a rigorous course load with all of my extracurriculars so fluidly, which was a lesson that I most definitely needed to learn before hitting my freshman year of college. So much love for this place and these people. ESA will always have my heart.
Single best imaginable education one can hope for her child. Greatly I appreciate all the teachers’ enthusiastic, dedicated, professional work.
ESA is an amazing school. My son transferred in 6th grade and is currently a senior. Not only has he excelled academically, athletically and socially, he loves learning and aspires to be exceptional at whatever he does. He was recently accepted Early Decision by a highly selective top ranked college thanks to the vigorous curriculum and skill set he has learned at ESA. I can't say enough about this jewel of a school.
I went to the Episcopal School of Acadiana for the majority of my school life and I believe that it is highly overrated. Yes, the academics are very good, but life on the campus does not reflect what the school claims it to be. The classrooms need to be renovated, they are in very poor condition, there is no cafeteria so when it rains the students have to eat on the gym floor. The honor code that is forced upon the students is just a way to scare the students into not cheating. Not only is there an "honor code" that no one follows, there is an "honor council" where your own peers judge you for your actions. Students should not judge other students. The students are very academically competitive and socially awkward. The teachers are also very involved in the students lives outside of school. Overall, it would be more beneficial to send your child to a public school like Lafayette High and take advanced classes there.
I came to Episcopal School of Acadiana this year and it just blows my mind how I am never bored. There are always clubs to get to and I never fall asleep in classes. The teachers are supportive and involved.
I always enjoyed the freedom brought upon the students in the upper school. There is nothing on the top of my head that I would like to change about the school. The teachers love to see the students succeed, and always set apart time to help the students.
If you want to feel loved and at home, this is the school for you. As a senior, I do not want to leave this community and as I am searching for colleges I am making sure that they have a similar community to ESA. The teachers, the students and the outdoors make this school work.
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I loved the over-all environment of the school. The teachers genuinely cared for their students and it was evident in and outside of the classrooms. The language, mathematics, and science departments are exceptionally, especially the language department. ESA prepares their students for college in not only academic ways, but in many other ways. By having a small student body, ESA influences its students to learn how to interact with teachers, overcome social strife, resolve personal and professional issues, and caters to each individual student by helping them find their own personal best way to learn. This school offers a one-of-a-kind experience that will benefit each student through their life.
Our family has grown up with ESA. Three kids from grade school to 12th - youngest graduated last year. All three with very different levels of ability but all three very successful in their own way here. The teachers and admin have been nothing short of phenomenal. If you are looking for a traditional - reading writing and math - program, this may not be a good fit. IF you want your kids to learn to think and reason and problem solve, there is no better option in our area. We have a pretty diverse teacher population - more male teachers than any other school I have seen. While no school can provide everything for everyone - ESA comes pretty close.
I think the campus at ESA is so unique. It promotes learning because it is not a typical school setting, which makes going to school more enjoyable. Also the teacher student relationships are very strong and that is something notable about ESA.