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I am a mom of a senior, junior and freshman at Episcopal High School. We absolutely love the environment at EHS. The Four Pillars at Episcopal offer all our students a way to grow in each area. The teachers and administration really are looking out for the kids and are always willing to help any way they can. All three of my students are involved in athletics and it doesn't come better than the facilities at EHS. I volunteer at the school a lot and there always seems to be other parents willing to help as well. My kids love the smaller classes as they benefit from teacher to student ratio. I believe Episcopal does a phenomenal job at preparing the students for college. The college counseling is also top notch. They do a great job of finding each kids perfect fit for college.
As a staff member I love that it is a community that focuses not only on students but also the culture of the school to include staff and faculty. I believe this creates a safe environment that allows you connect with all staff members and feel comfortable to grow in your position with the help of the EHS community. I honestly wish that I had this while in High School it encourages the students to be more involved not only academically but also in various student events and therefore be prepared for a college education and cultural environment.
Episcopal High School is an amazing school with a talented faculty. They truly care about each student and go above and beyond every day! The school strives to have each student stand out and achieve success.
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Episcopal High School provides a healthy experience for students in all four pillars, academics, arts, athletics, and religion. Students are also grounded in ethical and character education. Each student is challenged and nurtured to reach his or her full potential. At the same time, the school is a place of joy.
Episcopal High School is a high school that embraces the interest of each child. It is truly a school for every student. It is based on four pillars- academics, arts, athletics and spirituality which allows each student to find their path. The result is a campus of happy children who are involved in what their interest are but surrounded by people with many interest. My child’s friends vary from stars on the athletic field to dance to the highest achiever in the grade. The happiness of the students is a pleasure to witness. These students love their academic experience and environment at EHS and it creates excitement for their next chapter of academic excellence. My child constantly tells her younger siblings how much she loves school!
Daughter started on the wrong foot. Teacher was quick to conference with her and then us. It was obvious she wanted her to succeed to her fullest potential and work on it sooner rather than later.
EHS is a remarkable community, filled with educators who are passionate about their craft and committed to students’ learning. Students consistently report that their teachers make learning personal, and that they seem broadly capable of living out the school's mission through their experiences in the four pillars. This school is committed to growth, and ongoing professional development ensures that best practices are continually improving student outcomes. Although no school is perfect, EHS is dedicated to improving its experiences and how students matriculate through their four years on campus through parent education programs, innovative approaches to student leadership, and with pedagogies that are equally paired with rigor and grace - a perfect match for learning and for youth looking for the best ways to enter today's competitive professional landscape. My oldest daughter attends the school, and her younger sister is applying. Simply stated: we love Episcopal High School!
I am a current junior at episcopal high school and I absolutely love it! The community here is so welcoming and fun! All of the students have such diverse interests that it is easy to find people to relate to and be friends with. The school spirit here is also phenomenal and all the students want to support each other. Along with the community, the academics are also great. I like that you can really pick and choose the rigor of the classes you want to take. I am in all honors classes and while they are hard my teachers are always there to support me and they really want to see me succeed. The teachers are the best part of Episcopal because they are always there to talk to you and help you along your academic journey. The school also allows you to participate in whatever interests you have and we have really great arts and athletics programs! I am so happy I come to episcopal high school!
My wife and I have a 9th-grade boy attending Episcopal High School. While the many good reviews we received from friends attending the school motivated us to apply for our son, we were nonetheless a little nervous (like most parents I am sure) about the fit. Looking back now after approximately 60 days of school, the experience has greatly exceeded our already high expectations. Our son has made friends in athletics and the classroom. His teachers are pushing him academically, emphasizing independence and accountability. The faculty, coaches and administrators reflect a strong faith-based culture. In short, we could not be happier and give EHS the highest possible ratings.
I am a current student at Episcopal and I love it! Teachers work with me to make sure I am trying everything I want to academically and extracurricular wise. They help me make a schedule that allows me to be successful and have as little stress as possible. Tutorials after school are extremely helpful and allow me to have personal time with teachers in order to ask questions. The amount of students that are involved in clubs, theatre, sports, etc. is absolutely incredible! I love this school so much!
My amazing experience with the school was the best I could have asked for. My daughter came to the school freshman year and felt welcomed and ready to learn. Not only has she excelled in many classes that used to be hard for her, she has learned many leadership skills that she couldn’t have learned anywhere else. She is so happy here and will always love it. I am so glad we decided to go to EHS instead of her other options.

The teachers are fantastic and truly care about the students. The tutorials time has really helped my daughter with homework and questions she has.

Overall this school has exceeded all expectations. We are all very happy here!!
All white, all rich, lazy whining students. No one works at anything. The students spend more time whining than studying.
Episcopal High School is a very close knit community that does it's best to ensure that its students are prepared for their journey after high school. The teachers are more than willing to help any student without hesitation and the options that the four pillars bring are second to none in creating diversity between every student.
This school is the best thing that ever happened to me. The memories I made here I will cherish forever. Winning back to back State SPC baseball championships with the best team to end my high school career was amazing. The education at EHS is top notch, very challenging and engaging. But what makes EHS the #1 choice is the Arts Pillar. Episcopal has one of the best arts programs in the country, better than most colleges. The student culture is thriving and lively, it's just amazing in every way.
It was a great school and really helped develop my love for learning. The academics are wonderful and encourage questions and hard work. The teachers are always available to meet and help with anything and the students are kind and helpful as well. The sports teams are very competitive and compete against some of the best schools in Texas. Also, the arts programs are renowned and competitive among other schools in the nation. Really every aspect of the school pushes students to excel in their passions and gives them the platform to make their desires and aspirations a reality.
This is rapidly becoming a school that has serious issues about retaining quality teachers. The teachers who "Stand out" either move on to other elite schools in the area or are unceremoniously removed by the administration without explanation. The administration of Episcopal owes some serious explanation to its parents and current students. Don't hold your breath waiting for it.
I loved the school freshman and sophomore year but senior year the administration cracked down on the students for absolutely no reason. There used to be an understanding and trusting relationship between the two but that was changed this year. Now the students' opinions are being ignored when they used to be taken into account. Several great teachers' contracts are not being renewed without a genuine reason why. Additionally the school's new rebranding of "Stand Out" has angered the majority of the school (students and teachers) and seems ingenuine and even ironic. The school claims it bases its foundation on the "4 pillars" (academics, athletics, arts, and religion) but everyone knows the school prioritizes sports. The seniors this year are the last to remember the good days of EHS and I honestly feel bad for the underclassmen and incoming students that they could not experience it.
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Episcopal High School was overly proud of itself for doing the minimum. The students, though there are outliers, are overall uninterested in anything other than their trust funds and finding the best party. However, the faculty and staff at this school are finding and encouraging driven and passionate students to follow their passions and to turn the school into the place they want to be. Even so, Episcopal has a long way to go before it can be what it claims to be.
My experience at Episcopal High School has been very mixed. During my freshman and sophomore years, I overall loved attending. The academics on average are strong. If you decide to branch out to the more challenging AP and honors courses, you will find that the level of challenge you receive from your curriculum really depends on what you make of it. However, during my senior year, there were administration issues. Many students had issues with the "Stand Out" branding, feeling that it felt disingenuous. The school is also removing several strong teachers in the next year. I would say there are better options for academics without having to experience the negative aspects of the school.
Teachers care so much about their students, they will explain until the student understands the subject. There is so many after school activities and clubs in which a student can get involved. Everything about EHS is great.