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The Episcopal High School experience changed the entire trajectory of my life. The institution boasts first-rate facilities, a rigorous academic curriculum, world-class social immersion, dedicated character development programming, highly competitive athletic opportunities, and diverse/global perspectives. I owe my service-oriented mindset and much of my success as a professional to the four years I spent as a boarding student in this experiential incubator. To this day, the bond with my EHS classmates is stronger than my connection with college classmates. Moreover, the EHS Alumni Community has selflessly aided me in invaluable ways, from mentoring me through a career-switch to advocacy during a challenging medical issue. Episcopal has given me more than I can possibly repay over the course of my lifetime. I'm proud of my association with the institution and will always seek opportunities to further the EHS mission and assist members of the EHS Community.
-Matt Hurley (2008 Grad)
I love it here. Its a great school with a great community and people here genuinely care fo you. 👍👍
Older brother graduated from Phillips Exeter. I wanted the same excellent education at a warmer feeling school and got that at The High School. Made my transition to Washington and Lee pretty easy.
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I have loved my past 4 years at Episcopal. The campus feels like a home and my peers and teachers are like a family. Having access to Washington D.C. while living in a community that is still peaceful is extremely unique and invaluable. Of course there are areas in which the school could improve, but not much greater than any other private school. I would highly recommend Episcopal High School.
Amazing school! I went as a new sophomore and it was the best three years of my life. The campus is beautiful and most of the teachers live on campus and are very accessible.
I have had an incredible time at EHS. The school has pushed me to become the best version of myself.
EHS is a great school to grow internally and externally. I discovered my love for sculpture and environmental studies at EHS. The health administration and school deans made my time there difficult, because they were consistently putting me down.
Episcopal High School is the most amazing private school in the United States. It has the most tight-knit community and the opportunities that they offer to kids are endless. The school has a great sense of diversity and culture while providing a very strong learning environment.
i am so excited to go for 10th grade!! i know it is the one!! it seems so nice to be there. i am so blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a well-mannered school like episcopal, unlike my previous school...
EHS has surpassed my expectation of how they would help my son mature and grow. The staff are all very caring and they go above and beyond what they are expected to do. My son has only been there for 1 year and he has developed lifelong friendships, learned new skills, and I am very confident that he will be prepared and accepted into is dream college in 3 years.
Episcopal High School is an amazing institution & great preparation for life. The high school excels in academics, athletics, facilities and administrators. The faculty & staff truly care about the students that attend & make it their goal to readily prepare high school students for successful college careers and beyond.
Overall, Episcopal is a private institution that sets your child up for success. From the well experienced faculty to the numerous resources available 24/7 on hand, the school's main goal is to help student's thrive.
I must start by saying that EHS truly has incredible, committed teachers who frequently went out of their way to engage me academically and support me personally. The facilities are top-notch, the setting is beautiful, and there was no concern of theft or similar campus dangers. My door was always left unlocked. However, the social culture at EHS was another story entirely, and the general atmosphere of rampant southern elitism, out-of-control misogyny, racism, homophobia, and pressure to conform to utterly specific beauty standards was very, very damaging to my fourteen-year-old self when I arrived there. I have not encountered ANYTHING to the same degree in college or elsewhere in my post-EHS life, and I was shocked by the kindness and open-mindedness of just about everyone I encountered in comparison in the first months after leaving. It is truly beyond the pale, and my experience there left many, many emotional scars.
Episcopal was a great place to go to prep school. The academics are rigorous, and the athletics are competitive. The teachers are excellent and well experienced. Being just 15 minutes outside of D.C. was a huge plus. Deans office could use some work...
I really have enjoyed my time here at Episcopal. Our community is unique and is great at coming together to do things like support each other's games and musical production. I feel safe and proud to go to Episcopal High School.
I LOVE Episcopal High School! It is such a great place to find yourself, learn, and have fun on the way! The teachers are SO great.
Many are student led and teacher supported. Regardless of the amount of interest a new club or sport is easy to make.
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Overall unified student body. Teacher/student engagement is a definite plus.
All teachers here have their own unique style that broaden your thinking skills and creativity at problem-solving.
I wish I would have been at this school when I first went to High School. At this school, you really become better with studying and independent.
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