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Epic One-on-One Charter High School Reviews

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Epic was excellent in helping me finish school and have a baby at home. I am so thankful for the opportunity that they give to Oklahoma students.
This school makes learning easier. I don’t have to sit around waiting for others to finish, which helps my mind not wonder.
I enjoy doing epic Charter because I can stay home and travel more but the teachers need to learn to communicate more and not lie, I’ve been with epic for 3 years now and I’ve had a different teacher each year, now your experience may be different from but make sure to contact the counselor or principal if your teacher or students teacher doesn’t answer you back in 2-3 days.
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I love the message behind Epic. It shows that learning can be achieved in many different ways, whether it be in a brick-and-mortar school, private school, online school, etc. Every child is different and learns better in different ways with different methods. Epic gave me the chance to expand my education in a less stressful setting, outside of the classroom.
I loved it. It's an online school, which I think is fantastic for those who seriously struggle in a brick & mortar school. People with severe anxiety, mental illnesses, disabilities, who are pregnant, who move around a lot, etc. It allows so many people to continue their education where they might struggle otherwise.

The main thing I struggled with was continuing to have contact with others my age; I went two years without a friend due to not being in public school, which is partially my fault! Students need to do their best to make sure they're still getting social contact.
I loved attending this school. it is a great online community and your teachers will help you with any questions or concerns you may have. You get to choose from a variety of curriculums and your classes and schedule are built to best suit you. If you're falling behind you can spend a longer amount of time on that subject, and if your excelling you can work ahead. Everything is at your own pace. It is truly a great school.
My experience with them has gone fairly well. I did not expect to go the route that I did with my senior year, but I am certainly glad I did. Because of this program, I will start college in January and I have never been so stoked in my life.
Being an online student is amazing, you have a lot of free time in your hands as student. My online teacher is amazing she actually connects with you better and has a better relationship as a student and teacher more then what you would have in a public school.
Epic One-on-One Charter High School does a good job in certain aspects, however they expect too much from their teachers, my sister who currently goes to school at Epic has had a tough time getting in contact with her teacher in order to unlock some tests that she scored below 70% in, holding her back until the teacher finally gets to her. As well as online school not being very engaging, you have to have someone constantly on you to get the school done or just hope you hold on to your motivation for the entire year, but on the plus side is that if you can hold good scores you can fly right through Highschool pretty darn fast!
I enjoyed Epic for the most part, but it was very hard to get anything through the actual school. They took a bit to respond and/or send my transcripts to the colleges for the application deadlines.Other than that its a pretty self taught coarse, if your kid is willing to keep on track they will do fine.
I've had an awesome experience with Epic. I left the traditional highschool so I could work more, and have more time to myself. With EPIC, I received just that.
I would like to see better internet hotspot options available.
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