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I like that at my school there isn’t a lot of bullying and it’s a small school that offers a lot of one on one attention so you don’t feel like just another face to the teachers and staff members. However I feel that overtime our school has lost its core values of fellowship and lost the feeling of being a second one.
a wonderful school. A small school but teachers will have much care for you. As a student of epic south it made me feel comfortable especially coming from a bigger school is made me feel at home because of its ability of making me feel remembered and special. It is a new school so clubs are still develop but in my opinion it is a top school is queens.
This is an exceptional school. The teachers become like your second parents and they do want whats best for your future. However, the school is very small so there is not a lot of privacy academically. This is a school for growth and for finding yourself. Even though there are not many clubs you can create own. Lots of room for leadership. Very welcoming and loving environment.
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I attended Epic High School South since it first started in 2014. I can confidently say that my experiences there have helped shape me into the person I am today. The staff change throughout the years but old or new they always cared about their students well being. They made sure that our voices were heard for every thing we thought could been improved, changed, or added. My overall experience there will definitely be unforgettable.
This school is very welcoming and is very efficient with making sure that the students are on track and stay on track to graduate and begin the next step in their lives after high school.
The students are nice but, can be really disrespectful. The staff attempts with teaching skill. This school is unorganized however, seniors and juniors share a tight bond.
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