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Students and staff relationships help with the rigorous work. The only thing I would say that needs to change is the atmosphere of the school, students should not be held responsible for other students wrong doings.
dont send your children here, food is horrible, the school system does not work which was using projects to teach but in college it isn’t all projects at all, all the school really cares about is if you have privileges to use your phone at lunch or play ball, the school is dirty, staff don’t do much work at all, hate this school, john adams would have been better bec they actually have their school together, also don’t make me get started with the staff excuses like “in college this is how its going to be” whenever we complain about THEIR mess ups.
Epic High School North is great school with great staff in it. If I think of Epic High School I think of a safe community with diverse cultures. My experience has been good so far but the work is overwhelming. I’ve learned that the work that is being given to us, is to help as prepare for college. And this is why I think my school is extorodinary!
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What I love about EPIC North is that students have their own voice and work to build their school. It has helped me feel comfortable advocating for myself and has helped me learn how to collaborate better with others.
Great school and offers limitless opportunities for all. They have started small and now every middle school child wants to be in this school. Why? When the freshman enters North, they learn about leadership and take ownership of their education. At the end of the year, they have to do this project that shows reflections and growth of each individual student. It is shown and presented in front of a panel and they are graded and given constructive crticism.
EPIC North is a great school to attend if you are looking for a school with a good support group. The teachers and staff are always trying to make sure everyone is on top of their work and do not fall behind.
Very community focused. Focus on college a lot. EPIC is a different high school. we are allowed to do many things, like go outside to the store, listen to music, and more. But we have to earn it. we earn it by showing the we are working hard, and focused. There is a lot of school bonding.
EPIC High school North is great for school community and college readiness. EPIC North, focuses on a project based curriculum, majority of work assignments will be projects. We are really strong on community, working at your own pace, restorative practice, staff members having flexible roles, preparing students for college and life, and trusting students and giving them freedom. Something I would like to see change is the rigor of classes taken, sometimes I feel as though there is not much content, and I would like for that to improve.
I love how they trust us a lot with going outside for lunch and going into different rooms in the school to get our work done and also giving me a laptop to get a lot of work done too. I would love to see more activities in my school like a dance team and better staff to teach it. Also our gym need a AC like so bad.
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