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Epic does not allow a student to learn at his/ her own pace. There are requirements beyond just completing the online coursework. Where is the flexibility that is advertised?
What is the notion that each student is forced- "required" to use Homework Help each week? It is considered a gradable assignment even if the student does not need any homework help. Homework Help is an online program that is sub-contracted to Epic. The "tutors" are not truly equipped to help despite being told by Epic schools that they have access to all Epic online coursework. In reality the tutors push the student to use screen sharing to see the student's assignment/ problem etc. When you allow Screen sharing on your laptop/tablet etc. you allow the tutor to access your computer as a proxy- most people don't realize this means you are giving access to anything on your computer. Not secure at all!!
This family is disappointed with this school.
I enrolled my children mid year thinking we would get to start the second semester. I sent in all if their paperwork all their school records, shot records, ect. I called everyday for 2 months trying to find out if they got the paperwork which the enrollment office said the records department would have all my records and to call the record department. Called the record department, they told me they had sent all my documents back over to enrollment and I should be getting a call and an email stating that we are enrolled. Called the enrollment office for another month EVERY DAY and no one would call me back when I left messages or much less answer the phone when I called.
This is a great school. Since my son is in high school, I did not have to spend a lot of extra time to "homeschool" him because Epic provided everything he needed. He has access to a teacher (who is wonderful), curriculum, and homework help (online). I highly recommend this public online high school.
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It’s an amazing program! Easy to use and understand and it makes learning way more fun! They have awesome teachers and the easy schedules leave time for relaxing and extra curriculars
My daughters teacher is on of the most amazing teachers the best teacher she has had through out her school years Tonja Nichols has done and excellent job teaching my daughter and she has time to work with her and teacher her things that she needs to know I am so glad that we found Epic Charter Schools one of the many blessing the lord has blessed us with .
My children have been at this school for 2 years and I have to say it's almost as bad as public school. The special education program is horrible! I never receive calls back from there staff, so no I call and leave a message and the number of voice mails I have left. Our teacher is amazing, that is the only reason we have not left. Every few weeks I receive an email saying something new has to be done ( new testing, new classes, new programs), all of these things say mandatory. I would no recommend this school! Think twice before enrolling!
Epic Charter School allows you to work at your own pace, on your own time. Teachers are easily accessible and provide helpful feedback and instructions. I would recommend Epic for any student who works well independently.
I love Epic Charter School . Epic Charter School is the best at Academics and the teachers you are assigned are suppose to help you and that is the best part. My teacher that I have now is awesome and I would like to acknowledge her. Her name is Logan Grant. She is the best teacher ever ! I would like to also say that Epic Charter Schools has the best Academic program you can ask for. You can work ahead and work on your own pace. I like the way Epic Charter School is. I would not change anything about Epic Charter School. The teachers and the program is awesome ! I really hope they get more students in the school also.
Going to school at Epic Charter was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to have a more flexible schedule and was able to have a full time job while going to school full time. The only thing I would like to see the school work on is getting the kids together more and having more of a interest in the kids having social time.
I started Epic in the eighth grade, and now I'm a senior and graduating. Epic is a great school for flexibility, especially since I work almost full time as a barista. The only con really is the lack of involvement. There really isn't much involvement with other students, because they leave it up to the teachers to really organize things for their students.
I love the way that Epic Charter Homeschooling has so many different courses that you can choose from so that it represents you as a student.
What I love about Epic Charter Schools is that I was able to do my school work at my own pace, which allowed me to be able to also get many hours a week at my job. I was no longer sitting around at school wasting my day. My teacher is super helpful in staying in touch with me, making sure I have everything I need to succeed. Couldn't be happier that I switched to this new kind of schooling.
They are very helpful they help me whenever I need it
Glad I finished up high school there
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