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EPIC Academy High School Reviews

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My experience as a epic student was awful.The honors cohort was missing 2 teachers.The rules are unfair and overbearing.Nobody actually care.They expect us to act like robots.Please rethink your decisions of going here.
As a senior, EPIC has really been there for me every step of the way. They have allowed me to flourish and put responsibly on me, in order to take accountability for myself and my future. Many think this school is too strict, but I think having discipline is CRITICAL, for anyone's success!
My experience as an international student was very good. My teachers and everyone helped me a lot. I remembered when I came to my school. I cried because it would not be easy to mix with other students. With time,my school helped me understand how things are done and how I can make them more easy. I met good/smart friends and nice teachers who are ready to teach, also make sure you succeed.
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Epic Academy has helped me a lot, when I first got to the school it was a little weird and strange to me. But when I got to know the people in my school more, I bless the day I entered the school. The school has helped me build my self esteem also the teachers helped me grow academically believing in myself and my potentials.
As a junior at Epic Academy,i have had many bumpy roads i have had to cross.When i was a freshman i would easily slack off,until teachers began to be there for me and tell me how important my education was routinely.I was bullied at home and school ;sophomore year was one of the toughest years i have had throughout high school because i have been scared to come to school because how bad the bullying had gotten.;These teachers have matured me in so many ways that when i made it to my junior year i was able to cancel out all negativity , i was able to focus on college ; NOW i am an empowered young women, one who has yet to be in any fight at school.Overall, Epic Academy has had an great impact on my life , they have shifted me from a troubled girl , to a humble young women who only wants what is best,which is what she honorably deserves.EPIC IS GREAT HOW IT IS.
I had three children graduated from Epic Academy and all three children were accepted to great university. The teachers are always on top of their students. They push the students above their potential. I have one more child attending Epic he will be a junior this fall and he will be the captain for the baseball team. Epic Rocks!!!
Epic Academy is a school that make sure every student does what they have to do to become successful ! Teacher's make sure that the kids are college ready. All positive vibes and making sure students misunderstanding are well tooken care of .
Epic gets you ready for the real world. They push you to your limit and don't let you give up when you want to. Epic wants their students to succeed.
My experience at Epic Academy has been great; I learned so many things about my self. In fact, this school has made me become a better and confident individual, and taught me numerous of resources to take with me in my future when I no longer attend Epic. Additionally, I been through so much, my experience has brought tears, happiness, joy, and handwork. I do not know where I will be if it wasn't for this group of caring people that work for this school. Not to mention, this school go out there way to make sure students here are safe and making sure they are accomplishing their goals. Also, this school always point out people who have grown. I like they don't never pass anyone up. If they see good work. However, I would change the school bathroom size for the simple fact it's to small for students to use a washroom, and I will change the food they give us.
I really enjoyed going to Epic Academy. We have crew olympics which is a whole lot of fun to watch people go head to head against each other. Crew is like a homeroom class and we are very close like a family. You would be with these people for 4 years experience at Epic. The teachers you had would change. I also enjoyed that the staff have your back especially the teachers. They would make sure you would become make it and be successful. I would like to change how strict the school is at times and the lunches.
This school offers rigorous classes to help students advance and further their knowledge on Math, science, reading, and English. This is school is also diverse and have a welcoming environment
This school is great I learned to control my attitude through this school. I like the way the discipline their students.
Attending Epic Academy High school was like a whole new experience in my life that was taking place. Four years I was their the school treated me with respect and gave me a minority a chance to go into college to get a well respected education. School wasn't perfect though as I felt sometimes that they can put some pressure on the students to be successful so that they can make some profit off us however, they putting the pressure on us made the students including myself work hard to succeed.
You don't get to pick your schedule, but you experience different classes every school year. Students really enjoy intensive week where they experience a career.
The school is small so everyone no everyone.
Activities at Epic matter to some students. Especially peer counseling and tutoring.
The teachers are the best. Especially the advisers. We consider them as family.
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Even though the school is small, Epic Academy take students safety serious. We have numerous security.
There is a metal detector as soon as we come in. There is a camera outside of the school and the doors are locked.
It is clear that school comes first and then sports.
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