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Ephrata Senior High School Reviews

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I greatly enjoy going to Ephrata High School! I find that the majority of the teachers are understanding and willing to help you when you need it and the student body is overall a positive group. I’ve felt prepared for every keystone I’ve taken and even the PSAT’s due to the wonderful teachers at this school. The only things I would change are the rules on the dress code and the status and activities of the gifted students compared to the normal student body.
Ephrata High School is a small school located in a rural farming area. The community is close knit and a nice place to live. This gives the school a hometown feel, small enough to know many people in your class but big enough to provide a variety of sports, music, and other activities. The teachers are good, helpful, and supportive, as is the administration and guidance department. I was always given good advice when planning my schedule and looking for help to make college ready decisions. I had a good experience being part of the basketball and track teams, learned about the importance of community service being a member of the Leo Club, and had the opportunity to be a member of the Atollo Program that provides team building, leadership skills training, and college prep experiences. The diversity of the student population is fairly limited since it is a small community, but for the size there is a diverse group of student cultures.
I loved the teachers and academics, but the cafeteria food was not that good. Overall, I thought it was a very safe place to be in, and the students were always welcoming and friendly to me.
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Being involved in clubs and sports was a great experience at Ephrata! I felt comfortable reaching out to my teachers outside of the classroom for extra help when needed or to assist them with projects. Being part of a team sport enabled me to have access to working with others, improving my leadership skills and working hard to do well!
I moved to Ephrata Senior High-School as a sophomore and not knowing anyone at all on my first day and I felt fit in by being welcomed by all teachers,staff, and even students. There is a wide range of classes that are available and the course load and curriculum really gets the job done. Graduating from this High-School should lead to success in the future and many will become incoming college freshman. Not only are High-school courses are available but Dual-Enrollment classes are as well. Also with clubs and activities almost everyone i involved with something that people basically know everyone through some activity provided. The safety is top notch as we do drills every month and teachers go over certain situations every week and the students would say what to do in the situation. Police do roam the school too. I couldn't imagine my High-School at any other school through the opportunities and education given to me at Ephrata-Senior High-School.
I have recently come out as trans and asked the teachers to call me a new name and pronouns. All my teachers have accepted it and use them full time.
I like the education and the capabilities to attain my goals . The teachers are always on call for study Or tutoring.
This facility gives each student to obtain the level of education they deserve.
There are no changes that I would recommend.
Well it has been a little Rocky but it's ok some bullying but it's passed big issue with drugs the teachers are some of the most lit people ever
Overall the classes are up to par so as to get you ready for higher education. Many of the teachers are really good when it comes down to how they teach as well as their personalities. Though as any school goes there are some teachers that you will dislike for many reasons.
I am graduating this year with both happy and sad feelings. I have grown so much over the last four years. This school has taught me a lot and so has the people there. Some of my best friends i met there. The teachers have been good and bad. Some of them don't know how to reach us students anymore but there are some teachers that just want to help us grow as people and flourish as adults. I am grateful for all my experiences at this school and know that I am a better person and student because of everyone there.
This school has its ups and downs like every school. Sports are not our forte, but our academics are very high ranking across the state. The classes are challenging but not too much if you put an effort into it. The teachers actually care about you and you can get one-on-one help if you need it. Its like a big family.
I believe that Ephrata Senior High school is a great academic high school. I have always done well on tests and have been fully prepared for what was to come. However I also believe the school is trying to innovate too much technology into their program leading to a lot of issues and troubles. The technology distracts me from my studies. The clubs are amazing, a student gets to know a lot of great people through the clubs and activities at the school
I think this high school has many great opportunities for students- they just have to search for them. Students here have many opportunities to travel to places like Germany, Porto Rico, London, etc. Kids can learn Spanish, German, and even Chinese. Ephrata also has a wonderful music program in its area; the only down side is that the music students need more space to practice. Ephrata is also a school that has many scholarship sponsors. They give many opportunities are their students to succeed.
I participate in several school clubs and organizations and I love them. I find that my fellow club-members become great friends and even like family. The teacher advisors are very supportive and believe in all of us. These clubs open up so many opportunities for seniors including great scholarships.
I would most definitely do my high school experience all over again if I could. The students at my school are incredibly accepting, and even after a really difficult year for my entire class, the student body only became closer and more considerate. I would say that my school is so unique because of its great support system that exists.
The majority of my teachers at Ephrata High School are very engaging. They try to keep students interested and relate the curriculum to interesting, real world situations. They are all very knowledgeable about the curriculum and work very hard to ensure that the students understand the information. While some teachers are inconsistent and unreliable when it comes to grading and feedback, the majority of teachers are very helpful and fair.
As someone who participated in extracurricular activities in high school, I would say that I enjoyed them very much so, I learned just as much outside of school as I did in school, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. Time spent at Ephrata high school extracurricular activities was time well spent.
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I had a great high school education with great teachers, great funding, and pretty great technology. I definitely would choose this school to relive my high school experience over again.
I have definitely had high school teachers whom I will remember for the rest of my life. In a positive aspect.
Bullying is not tolerated at all in this high school. The school nurse helps when you need tylenol for a headache and will send you home if you are really sick. I think this school is pretty safe.
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