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Ephrata High School Reviews

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Small enough school where each teacher cares about the individual student, and will go above and beyond to see them excel.
This is a small school district where students are given the attention they need to succeed and move on to the next level. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities including sports, music and drama. The community is very supportive as well.
Ephrata High School was a pretty positive place to be at. Faculty members are kind, and most students are good to be around. The staff is doing a good job at attempting to “modernize” our school. However, the food isn’t good at all, so going off campus for lunch is almost necessary.
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The staff, support, and level of education is undeniably incredible. I feel inspired and strong when I'm in class.
I like the club's, but I would love to see more opportunities for people who already know what they want to do after high school. I also would like to see the lockers have more room for students to put stuff in them.
My experience at Ephrata High School has been very good because teachers help me and other students with their work and are very caring. The thing that I like the best at Ephrata high school is the different type ofclasses you can take and some clubs the ofer are very fun. The only thing I would like to change about Ephrata High School is the classes because I feel that we are getting very little time and it would be better to have longer class time.
I love this school and am proud to be a tiger. With out the help of the staff and students I would not being to CWU in the fall. I am very thank full for all the opportunities that this school provides for their students like FFA. Which I am a proud member of and even an officer.
Teachers at Ephrata High School are great! When you need help on an assignment they take the time to help you understand the material. They also really care about the students, even going out of their way to talk to students. Not only are the teachers great but the counselors and the office staff is too! The counselors are very supportive about your decisions and offer advice on how to proceed. The office staff is very helpful in getting us what we need.
any parental guidance or support when having to do with school is usually behind the scenes where the students don't really know about it
The teachers have an incredible amount of passion for what they do and are very willing to help students.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are great, they provide a variety of sports and clubs for students to find what best fits them and I have found this creates a stronger commitment for the clubs and activities.
My overall experience with this school was amazing. I enjoyed the positive atmosphere as well as the students desire to learn and pursue education. This motivated me and everyone around me to do their best. What I feel makes this school so unique is the fact that it is in a small town where the town supports each other therefor the students support each other and encourage one another to do their best. I would definitely choose to go to this school again and possibly even put my own children through it as well.
The teachers here give great effort to their students success and care very deeply about each and every student. The teachers are flexible with each students learning styles. The teachers are also very knowledgeable about various fields other than the field they are teaching so they can connect their subject with other subjects.
Ephrata high school was unique in the sense that it has a Rubik's Cube Club. It started off with just two guys solving Rubik's Cubes but with the help of some teachers and a few students initiative the club became the fastest growing after school activity at the school. The club is an annual competitor at Rubik's Cubs competitions and tournaments.
The student body is very easy to make friends with and the teaching staff is very supportive. Ephrata high school was a great environment for me to gain a high school education and participate in high school sports and academic clubs. The friendships and bonds I created at Ephrata high school cannot be broken and I still talk and see my friends.
The teachers put in time before and after school to help their students understand the material and grow their minds. The Math department is extremely great at breaking down complex ideas into more simple easier to understand pieces. This helped me when I was learning Calculus particularly derivatives.
I think this has been a pretty great experience overall. Its my first ever public school and has still treated me well. I was given a choice between Ephrata and Quincy. I'm sure I have chosen correctly.I have not changed schools enough to compare it to anything. If I would do it all over I would definitely still choose Ephrata High School.
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I loved the choir department at this school, but did not care for the students as much. Other than my friends of course. I also didn't like going to the high school except for choir which is why i did running start.
Our school is pretty good at accepting others, there definitely is a lot of gossip, but for the most part it's an average high school.
We have a lot of clubs of all types, have most of the sports that normal schools have, but overall we lack funding a little and come from a small town, so we don't have sports like gymnastics.
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