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Ephraim Curtis Middle School Reviews

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Awful school. It looks like a stupid shopping mall. Too many kids to begin with. And way too overcrowded. Maybe they should open a Marshalls. Plenty of room.
Overall, the school is lovely & students perform very well. The real issue is the lack of resources for many of the students - a GSA was supposed to be created (allegedly) but little has been done, and it's been assumed that the administration has dropped it. Several cases of Nazi symbol-related vandalism have occurred over the years, but administration has done little to stop them or educate the students properly on why this is unacceptable.
THIS SCHOOL IS TEREBLE sorry that came a lil harsh but honestly everything is bad about this school the teachers are so mean, the kids are mean and guess what the food is bad too!
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There are some good teachers, but it's like winning the lottery if you get a good one, it rarely happens. The food here is the same as the teachers, there are some good foods and some horrible foods, but at least the lunch staff are very nice. There are a variety of clubs and after-school activities, so there is something for everyone. The music program is very good. It has very nice, fun, and awesome teachers (Ms. L-A). Curtis respects all religions and races, and there is no school on religious holidays, which the nearby towns do not do. The sports program is great, they provide uniforms and transportation, so you only pay a small fee to join. They are very worried about kid's safety at Curtis.
The academics are great, it just depends what kind of teacher you get. The workload varies from teacher to teach, personally, I had a very heavy one, especially in sixth grade, which made life very hard.
We live in a fairly safe area, so there aren't too many safety precautions. But there are a few police officers and a buzzer.
If you're not into math, science, theater or english, there aren't many choices.
In sixth and seventh grade, I had a very difficult time with school here. I left for eighth grade, because I wasn't getting the help I needed. I have a learning disability, so I was put into a skills class (which has a big social stigma attatched to it) for math help, and they put me on a computer program that was teaching me how to count (iReady). Many of the kids in the skills class needed help with reading and writing, so if we weren't in iReady, we were learning literary skills all together. I am gifted in literary skills, and it was supposed to be an individual help class.

Another thing is that there are 3 math levels; math 1, math 2, and math 3. These effect greatly your place of the social heirarchy, and it's very obvious who's in which class. I was in math three, with roughly 12 other kids, (mostly who had absolutely no desire to learn or put effort into anything) and everyone knew we were in that class. It put us on the bottom. It was very hard, because people would brag about being in math 1 and math 2, while if you were in math 3 you were considered a retard. Especially if you took skills class, too. I did not have a positive expirence here, and I left after seventh grade.
I went here for two years, and some teachers are great, and others, not so much. It really depends on the person.
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