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envision academy has excellent teachers and wise students. this school makes student do things to have college readiness when it time to go. this school is vary diverse and is a safe environment.
I really like that all the teachers push you to do better in school. Has I go from 9th-12th I’ve always wondered why teachers would make students do so much extra for us to pass their class. But I realized the teachers at my school actually care about our success and want us to be successful. Because of this I have been able to establish great relationships with many of my teachers. This school opens up your potential to succeed for all students making sure nobody is left behind. I encourage people to stop by and check out the school for themselves you won't regret it.
Something I really enjoy about Envision Academy is that you really get to know everyone in your grade and this makes it a very tight-knit community. I can speak to my peers and for the most part feel like I can create a support system if I don't have one already. Something I wish would change about my school is that there isn't many resources and because of this we miss out on many opportunities and this takes away from the whole high school experience. I would probably also add more AP classes for students.
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With a student count of a little over 400, students who attend here are truly able to create long-lasting relationships with not only each other. but also with the teachers. As a charter school, Envision Academy truly stands out from others including public. Their 5 core values (respect, justice, growth, community, discipline) are strongly upheld which results in a stronger bond and a stronger community in general. I used to have doubts about being at this school, however, I know am extremely grateful for being welcomed here and having a place in this community. I know that if I would have to a public school with more people, I would not have had close relationships and bonds with the staff and students, I might not be college ready, and I would not have had the incredible and life-changing experiences that I did. It really is a great school with amazing teachers (shout out to my Spanish 1 & 2, English Reading and Writing Course, and AP Government and Politics teachers).
Envision offers a lot of one-on-one support with a staff members who are dedicated to your success. There are staff and admin who are always there to listen to any troubles you are having and to help problem solve. The Benchmark and College Success Portfolios are excellent additions to the curriculum that give students a set of skills which are definitely necessary for the professional world.
Overall great school. Incredible help from all of the staff. Really committed staff that wants to see you in a four year school.
Envision Academy definitely lives up to the true meaning of getting a good education. The staff cares about students and will go above and beyond to make sure we get the proper support and tools that will take us far in life(: If this school could improve on anything, it would be to reduce their strict rules. Some rules are quite unnecessary which could cause students to become angry and shy away from school.
EA is a very small, community based and diverse school. I love how close students are with their teachers. The bond goes way above the academics. Every teacher treats its students as if they were their own kids and that's just something you don't always see.
A few things I like about Envision Academy is our community and how diverse we are. We all follow the core values, which are Discipline; we discipline ourselves so no one else has to, Growth; we are committed to lifelong learning and personal growth, Community; we work hard and take responsibility for the success of the members in our community, Justice; we are empowered agents of change for social justice and equity, and Respect; We seek to see the best in one another and treat each other with dignity - We give respect to get respect. Our school is small but we are like one big family because we have fun as one and take care of each other as a whole. Another thing I like about EA is our community meetings which is when both lower (9-10) and upper (11-12) division come together and talk about the upcoming events.
Envision Academy is a really amazing school. The teachers really care about their students and it shows in the students performances. The teachers are easily available to help the students with anything they need. They prepare their students and walk them through the steps to do various things to prepare for college.
They give us a choice to each healthy or not cause they can't control us what we eat . They just give us guide for the right thing. The school is super safe we barely have a lock down because the stuff are always on a look out and e.t.c.
Everybody respectful sometimes, never get out of line. The clubs are great cause they accept anyone even though you don't know the skills for it they would teach you.
The school is great because the students and teacher supports one another. We fall and fail together and always can pick up each other . We never leave behind another student at all.
Don't have school security during school hours.
Could improve on after school activities and variety of sports.
Whole school community meetings are unique.
Teachers are very knowledgeable and hardworking.
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I truly love/loved envision academy. It has definitely prepared me for college as well as all aspects of life. They stand by the norm of community and stick to it. It is like you're one big family, everyone is willing to help you from faculty to students.
Envision Academy is a school were administrators and teachers care about the students. Both go out of their way to help a student both academically and emotionally.This school shows a lot of support towards the students and pushes us to achieve not for OK but for the best.This school also prepares us for the outside world meaning college and work. There has not been a school I have attended that helped me so much on my growth both academically and as a person.
Resources for sports are very limited due to lack of funding.
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