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During my High school experience at this school, I experienced a lot of growth more than I ever expected. The classes, work, and requirements all prepare students for their future in college. The amount of support, open-mindedness, understanding, resources, and aid that teachers and counselors offer is more than a student could ask for. I always felt safe and accepted at this school and I always had a little push from someone to do better as a student, and community member.
It’s an okay school. I believe that it Environmental Charter High School does indeed prepare you for college. We had to take college prep courses every single year from ninth grade all the way till twelfth grade.
Environmental Charter High School is a college preparatory school that offers a college prep course through all four years of high school. In our junior year we receive in class SAT prep for free and I appreciate it very much because it is something that I would not be able to afford on my own. In addition, the support we get from teachers and staff is tremendous they always make sure to put students needs first and to provide us with many opportunities.
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I really like how the teachers are very friendly and show that they care for all of their students. They give you the tools and assistance in order for you to succeed and have as much opportunities as you can.
I love having a great teacher-student relationship and feeling welcomed every day. There is a variety of clubs offered with great teachers leading them. The programs and sources they have to help you for college are there at your fingertips. Some things I would like to see change is the content of each grade level. Each teacher has their own way of teaching and grading, therefore it affects the students because they are so used to one certain teacher.
It was defiantly a high school experience that I will never forget. It wasn't like any other type of typical high school, it was a rather small high school based around the environment and putting college readiness first one you graduate. It still would have the struggles of a typical high school, but over all, I was land to have attended there instead of another high school. I discovered myself more there, and I grew to know much more than I would have known before attending there.
Great public high school. They really get their students ready for college. Students must get accepted to a 4 year college in order to graduate. Therefore, students are pushed to colleges as well as supported to get to that point.
I liked that Environmental Charter High School is a very diverse space with excellent staff members. Not only did this school help me achieve in my academics but it also gave me a unique high school experience. One thing that could change is the school lunch. Although it is meant to be healthy it's not very appetizing. Overall, Environmental Charter High School is a place that is rich with knowledge and filled with support and encouragement.
At the moment I am a senior at Environmental Charter High Schoo, so far these past year school years have been great. There were times in which I felt higly challenged but then I realized that it was my own good so that I could grow.
What I liked about Environmental Charter High School is that the teachers prepare their students for college. Although the reduced lunches were not my cup of tea, the academic background provided for the students is great. The policy that every student must follow annually, in order to graduate is to be accepted into a four year university. Not only are the students mentally challenged to get into a four year university, they are preparing for the real world of living independently with little to no help from their parents. I thank Environmental Charter High School for preparing me for college because without the rigorous courses and teaching methods, I would not have been prepared for the college experiences that I have surpassed already.
A great 4-years! School culture is amazing and you get to experience a living stream running through the middle of campus!
ECHS is a great high school. I was able to thrive at this school because of the small class size and close community ECHS cultivates. The environmental focus also exposed me to real life issues and solutions to these problems.
One thing I like about ECHS is the environment overall, it is a great school that is very small but provides a safe fun and caring vibe. The teachers at this school interact and connect with the students on high level, the teachers show love to the studnets as if they were family. The only thing I would change about the school is the size and the sports I would make the school bigger and invest more in the sports because its academic system is very great and it gets a lot of students into colleges all over.
I would say that my experience with Environmental Charter High School was interesting. I had the love of many teachers that actually wanted to see me progress in life. Teachers are very kind and willing to help you out. Coming from a middle school that was overpopulated, this school was a huge change since it is really small. However I found myself liking the school because everyone felt like family since it is so small. Expect teachers to push you harder even if it can get a little annoying since it is a small school. What I like about the school the most is that at the end of the day this school feels like family. Something that I would like to see change in this school is the sports program. Being an athletic person I didn't see the much push that I would like to see in sports.
The thing that I like the most about Environmental Charter Highschool is its big emphasis on going to college, from the minute you walk into campus as a freshman you are placed in a class called "college prep" and its purpose is to spark your interests for the future. What I would like to see changed at ECHS is the incorporation of more AP classes since we only have around 5.
Very Small School. Teachers are great, students there are average, very good college readiness, they provide opportunities for you and your family to learn more about college and your students future.
My experience was great but could have been better if certain aspects were changed. For example, including more clubs especially sports which is something that Environmental Charter High School aims towards but needs more improvement.
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ECHS is a place where students are trained to work and think hard. This school provides students with many resources and guidance to help them succeed. ECHS goes above and beyond with classes that not a regular public school would have.
This school gives student an opportunity to attend college. The counselor and teachers guide the students during the college application process. Which is helpful for those who are going to be first generation college student.
This school is very challenging and has a good curriculum that can help you succeed in college. They have a lot of clubs you can choose from and has a very engaged staff.
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