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Small community. Class sizes are relatively small. That campus is outdated. The building and equipment used is old. The diversity is mostly white with a group of Hispanic students. This is a farm town school where if your family isn’t anybody you will be treated differently.
As a student of Enumclaw High School, there is minimal spirit among the classes. The overall classes and teachers are great, supportive, and fair with their grading. One of the only problems I have with the staffing is the administrators, if there are any legal or issues with the student they are slow to respond and very two faced in meetings v.s. emails. With particular students there have been issues where they waited until the end of the year to tell them there was nothing they could do, when the problem was in January.
Enumclaw High School is a very welcoming place. Even in difficult times and through all the construction to rebuild our school we still manage to come together and help each other. You build families within the school and you always feel welcome. Everyone is always involved and helpful. The teachers, staff, and students are respectful of everyone and everything always. You come to be close with your teachers and there is always someone to get help from whether it is homework, advice on a class or problem, or just everyday situations. EHS is an outstanding place and environment to be in I wish I could stay there forever. And you make so many friends that you know you will stay in touch with for a very long time.
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I found a lot about this school encouraging and they offered a good range of options as far as AP classes. However I think that this school could have higher standards as far as what students should be learning in the normal, non-ap classes. There was a lot of wasted time and I ended up enrolling in running start just so that I could stop wasting so much time doing nothing. Although I think a lot of public high schools are like that due to our current political view on eduation.
I liked the small town community and most of the people that attended the school. The teaching was very well but some teachers were better than others. The school was undergoing construction and the athletics at the school are very poorly chosen.
It's a great school, freshman year I was having trouble with my classes. They tested me and I was put into special ed. Ever since then I've been more comfortable in school.
The school did little to keep those harassing me away from me, and didn’t care about what was happening on campus. They would pick and choose who they’d inforce rules with, and this was across the entire district.
Enumclaw High School has a very involved and supportive community. Being a part of this high school has been very challenging yet it has provided me with a wonderful experience and strong support as I reach to expand my life goals. It is because of the amazing teachers, community, extracurricular activities and sports that Enumclaw High has provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, build my scholastic foundation and continue my education at a university-level education.
This school is one that should be accredited for their hospitality. When I felt that I didn't belong at any other school, this one made me feel like there was a place for me. All the teachers there are fantastic, and they truly care about the students and want to see them succeed in life.
There were many good faculty members. There was little diversity, due the surrounding area of the school. There were many club, and sport options but there was little else. The school did have other activities such as dances, and night time events but there was little school involvement at many of these events. There is a college and career center that helps prepare student's for college, and the next step in their lives. One good aspect of this school is the amount of cultural experiences that were offered. There were multiple trip offered during my four years, and there were constantly exchange students in the school from many different locations.
Right now the school is under construction but my schooling has never been better. I like all my teachers and the staff. I food is really good and they have a lot of clubs and sports.
Graduated in 2014 from Enumclaw High School and my experience was okay. I think the school could be better at preparing kids for college and helping with essays, applications, resumes for jobs and more valuable life skills such as interviewing etc.
I honestly hated going to Enumclaw High School. The only good teacher I had was the band director, Lynda Alley, whom moved to New York City my Junior year. Sadly, orchestra was the only class that I ever enjoyed at Enumclaw High School, and the new band director's skill set was very underwhelming. I hope that in the future, Enumclaw hires better teachers and allocates more of their money towards the music program.
Quality school for amount of funding. Good kids, good vibes, however not a lot of opportunities. Pretty average for a school, no serious complaints though.
In my time at Enumclaw High School, I received a well-rounded education that helped prepare me for college. Teachers and counselors choose to believe in their students and often challenge them to go out of their comfort zone.
My experience at EHS was mediocre. The school board puts more priority on funds and attention on the sports programs rather than the arts or inclusion groups. Enumclaw is a predominantly ethnically white community, and this demographic reflected in the opportunities present at the school. There is also a large Mexican/Chicano population in the town, so I believe a Chicano student organization would be beneficial to these students to encourage the practice of their culture, provide opportunities within the community, and also teach Non-Mexican students about the culture present at the school. I encourage this because there was a numerable amount of instances that bullying occurred on the account of nationality/ethnicity, and hate crimes were also committed that the school did very little about. Perhaps the integration of cultures fostered by student organizations would provide more understanding and camaraderie amongst the student body, and these occurrences would lessen.
I would like to see some of the teachers do more. The academics are not very good. But some of the teachers are great and will do what they can to help each and every student.
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Mrs.Chang Helped me get on track to Graduate. I started my junior year with 4.0 credits and was able to get back on track and finish 17 credit retrieval online courses. Mrs. Chang stuck through it all and made sure i was motivated to reach my goal.
My high School is currently under complete construction and everything is blocked off making the walk to classes a bit of a pain. I feel like they are inconsiderate of the student that attend the school by not thinking ahead and doing some of the construction over the summer. Although all the construction Enumclaw high School has a very comfortable environment and makes you fit right in. I have nothing bad to say about the teachers they are outstanding and really help you succeed. They are here before and after school making re-takes for a test super easy. I would not want to go to any other school because it is very layed back and clam.
I had a good experience at the high school. The only thing I would like to see changed is the relationships from student to teacher. More interactive, caring and wanting to push to do better from the teacher I think would help better motivate the student. Most teachers do this well, but some could improve.
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