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Entiat Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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What I like about Entiat Junior/Senior High School is that it was a great small school for students who enjoy living in a small town. Besides that, you had very close communication with your teacher if you needed help their were always there to help you after class or after school. At the same time everyone knows each other since it's a small town. The alumni and current students enjoy watching their school team. It's always gets pack in basketball games and football games. However, I believe they should add more sports in the future like bringing back baseball, softball, and soccer. At the end the school is a very good school the teachers want the students to succeed however the student has to give his effort.
The benefits of going to a small school like Entiat, is that the experience is very personalized. You get to know all of your classmates and teachers, creating more one on one time with eachother academically and socially. What I hope to see improved in Entiat is the opportunities. It's hard to branch out of such a tight knit place, so I hope that future students understand there many resources to help them find what they want to achieve in life. That was one of the toughest things to have to figure out in my high school experience.
The school is strict when it comes to those events.They make sure students are out of the building and no one is inside.
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There's a after school programs for students who like to read a lot. And there is some others activities.
The overall experience at this school is great. It's a small school so the teachers get more involved with the students. Furthermore every teacher wants the students to succed at school and after high school. My favorite experience about this school is getting to know a lot of people and when It was graduation time I wasn't going to walk with my class because of the state test which i didn't pass by one point, so they decided they weren't going to walk without me and at the end I was able to walk with my class however i wasn't going to get my diploma until the summer after i passed the state test.
They are all great teachers. They made you understand the subjects that you were struggling with. Also they have their own unique style of teaching. They communicated well with students and if you couldn't understand what they were trying to say, they will explain in more details. Give examples about the subject. If a students grade weren't well they'll talk to the student and if not they have a meeting with their parents.
Entiat school is small and the teaching staff is great .
Entiat is a great school it is small and class size as are small and the teachers know their students.
Most teachers do what they have to and don't really go above to endure the learning of students.
Its is not a bad school, but it isn't the greatest. It is so small that even teachers know the gossip, but don't interfere. It has limited resources, for extracurricular activities.
Overall, my high school is a pretty safe environment to be in.
Hardly any clubs at my school.
Good curriculum but possibly a little too much busy work for homework.
There isn't a huge variety of sports; we don't have soccer.
I like the closeness and relaxedness of this school.
School is somewhat relaxed on policies but all the teachers and administrators are very friendly and helpful.
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