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I like the inclusiveness of the students and staff. I felt as if even if I were not in any extracurricular activity I would have still had a great high school experience. I would like to see them the lack luster approach toward discipline and students took advantage of their system to take the easy path and had a blind eye turned in regards to this.
There are a couple teachers over at Enterprise who are truly passionate about their job. They made me feel motivated to come to class and learn more about the materials we were assigned. Overall, the things I learned from Enterprise extended beyond academics. Moreover, the counselors stay connected with the students and the faculty are friendly.
The we not me attitude really runs deep at this school. From it's awesome administrators to the students, everyone feels at home and welcomes everyone. Enterprise High School has many extracurricular clubs and activities including championship winning sports teams, various clubs, and a world renowned music department so it is easy to feel at home on campus. Go Hornets!
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My experience with AP teachers was phenomenal. I had great teachers who pushed me to be the best I could be and overall grew with me through my first three years. The administration at EHS during my sophomore, junior, and expected senior year have been incredible around not just me, but my peers and teachers.
Enterprise is an excellent school for any type of student. Our staff ensures the safety and security of students in order to help make this school feel like home. From music to sports there is a club or activity for everyone to find a group they fit in with. Our teachers are always willing to help and ensure the success of the students, most staying during lunch and after school to help the students get and stay on track.
While I was attending EHS, the teachers there were very friendly and would help you in any way they could. Overall, a great school.
Great public school. The teachers are nice and helpful. The sports and music programs are amazing. I wish there was more college readiness for when I was a student there but I think that can be and is easily fixed. School spirit was always really intense and fun. Rallies were exciting. Starship and the band always performed wonderfully.
Enterprise High School is an excellent school when it comes to community. We are a family, our motto is We Not Me. The teachers are super friendly and helpful and there are so many opportunities to get involved whether in sports, music, academics, art, clubs, etc.
Enterprise High School, home of the hornets. "We not me", our motto, helped me develop myself as an individual and my surroundings. Being in such an involved, school spirited, exciting environment-you look at things differently. Enterprise has helped me not only strive in academics, but as well helped other needs such as social skills, extra-curriculars, and relationships among everyone. At Enterprise, nobody is left out. The community creates such a comforting feel that in my opinion, is hard to accomplish among a big high school setting. Although EHS exceeds in academics, sports, and relationships, If I were to change one thing, it would be to have more seasonal-themed (school-wide) events, not just club-based events! Enterprise will always remain as an astonishing source of opportunity and education in regards to everybody. Enterprise High School, My School!
Enterprise is an excepting, caring school with no social barriers. It's diverse population of students and teachers creates a fine blend of cultures and views.
Enterprise is in a town that is not at all diverse, so diversity is bad. More people of color have moved up so it is getting a little more diverse. The teachers are excellent and their dedication helped me strive.
I loved it. Great spirit, interesting people. I graduated in 2016. AP program is pretty good, CP classes are pretty easy. Scien
The school spirit at Enterprise is outrageous, awesome, inclusive, and above all crazy fun. I would like to see a change in giving girls' sports teams as fair treatment as the boys' teams when it comes to facilities and opportunities. Also, the art department needs more funding and mainstream acceptance.
I love the diversity of this campus. Everyone here feels like a community. I would like the change the reputation of this school. It isn't ghetto or full of gangsters. We are all typical high school teenagers.
An okay school, I have met some great teachers. Mr. Garrett, and Ms. Hanifl are two of the best teachers I have ever met. They both care tremendously about their students. However, Mrs. Hardy, she ruined a big part of school for me. She stretches herself to thin, and instead of doing great at one thing, she does poorly at everything. As a teacher, she was nearly absent, she would be gone for 2 or 3 days at a time about every other week. Now, she is an administrator. You would think that is a good thing, but it in all actuality, it is ridiculous. A woman who prides herself in exchanging Snapchat photos with students, and taking embarrassing videos of disadvantaged kids while being picked on is now a representative of our school. Overall though, this school is satisfactory, and even exceptional if you are interested in sports.
The staff isn't nearly as good as the teachers. They are rude and informative. I would never engage in any personal conversation with any of them except for Angela Nava. She goes above and beyond for all students.
Shasta College is full of dedicated instructors. I feel very comfortable around them. They are trustworthy and applaudable instructors.
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My parents were very involved but not parents at the school as a whole.
Most of the teachers I had were friendly and supported me while playing sports.
I really enjoy this school because mostly everyone is accepting and I've made some of my best friends here at this school. The teachers are really involved helpful when you need them. I also like how it's diverse and everyone is accepted.
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