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I love going to school here at Enterprise High School. It is very small which makes it so that every student can have a one on one connection with the teachers here. For Enterprise High being such a small school there are many opportunity's for academic achievement. I will be graduating from Enterprise High School with my associates degree. I feel very prepared for college. There are many opportunity's for sports and clubs here at Enterprise. For how small we there are lots of opportunity's for all students to do things that they like to do. Because this school is so small it creates a family. I know almost everyone in this school by name. I love that the most out of everything that Enterprise has to offer.
I love how all of the students are so kind and accepting to each other. The teachers know and care about each and every student and are so willing to help them. It is a smaller school but that is what I love about it. Everyone comes together when it is needed the most.
It feels like the teachers actually want to help us learn and it makes me want to go to school. the lunch food isnt to great but it is edible. the bathrooms are great and the art room is terrific. the computer lab is good and the lunch room is better than most schools. I love enterprise high school, the traditions are awesome, Sports are a huge part of the school wich brings healthy competition.
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Going to school here has been a pretty good experience. The teachers are generally nice and want to help you learn. They are willing to work around things going on and like to have fun. The kids are usually happy, and work hard on their assignments.
I basically loved everything about it. It is a great and amazing school and it has everything you need. The teachers and staff are amazing and they provide all the help you need. Maybe change the food up a little more and add some different things to the menu but it is still pretty decent. Everything you hope for in a school Enterprise High school has it so overall it is an amazing school.
I loved that Enterprise High has more of a one on one learning experience. I've learned so much better than I would've in a larger school. I would, however, love to see more classes offered to the students and to see the school grow in size.
I just graduated this year, but I quite enjoyed my time at Enterprise High School. It resides in a small town, so for the most part everyone knows each other fairly well. In a town as small as Enterprise, the class sizes are not very large. This allows for more one-on-one involvement during class time. Students are more willing to speak up, ask questions, and even answer questions when able. Due to this, students are able to receive a better understanding of what they are being taught and how to apply that knowledge.
I have gone to Enterprise High School for two years of middle school and all four years of high school (Enterprise High School includes grades 7-12). I am now a senior, planning to graduate in May. Going to high school in a small town has been amazing. It has provided me with many opportunities that I would not have had if I had gone to school in a big city.
It was very down to earth. Lots of work got done and It was kind of like being in a family unit. Everyone knows everyone and is just trying to help each other succeed. This is a great school.
I love how much the teachers care about the students. They will work with you to make sure you really get it!!
I love attending Enterprise High School. The teachers are very involved and create a learning atmosphere. I also enjoy the extra curricular activities offered.
Enterprise High School in my opinion would be one of the best high school’s people have ever seen. There are many advantages that Enterprise has. For one, it obtains a very small number of students from the the surrounding areas. This makes social situations easier for the students for everyone knows everyone. It also helps the faculty and staff understand what type of student body they are dealing with. Secondly, most of the student body treats others with respect. Nobody seems to be left out or bullied at Enterprise, and everyone comes together as one giant team. Looking out for one another in desperate times of need. Lastly, there are many great opportunities that Enterprise has. There are college classes that are offered in the school that students can take to get college credit out of the way, while also applying for the college.
Enterprise high school is an excellent school if one is looking for a small town environment. EHS may not have the most resources, but the atmosphere is very positive. Enterprise High School allows students to be involved in a wide variety of programs, with an abundance of one-on-one time with teachers.
Enterprise High School is a good school because small class sizes make it so the teachers are more involved in students educational endeavors. However, the arts programs are over looked and suffer and that is something that definitely could be improved upon.
At Enterprise High, all the students are close to the teachers. Because of the smaller sized classes, the teachers are able to work closely with the students so that they can understand the content. Everybody knows everybody there. It's a very friendly environment. One problem is that they extracurricular activities are very limited. There are not many clubs, and the clubs have hardly any participants. The lockers are also very old. They were old when they were donated and that was long ago. They also don't match the school mascot colors. All in all, a very good school that should advertise their clubs more, add more extracurricular activities and get new lockers.
It's alright but it would be a lot better if there was a little diversity and more classes with art, music, and drama.
There's very good sports programs but almost nothing for the rest.
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This school experience for me has been stressful but really fun. I naturally am a positive person but can get stressed out easily so I feel like this would be my experience at almost any other school also. This school is unique because it is very sports centered. I haven't ever gone to another high school so I don't really know what I'm missing out on but I feel like this school definitely could use some more art and music programs along with theater.
I feel like the teachers at my school do a very good job, but I do feel that it is sometimes hard to approach them with questions because often when a student misses a vital subject, the teacher chastises them for not knowing it and I find that can make learning more difficult especially when certain subjects do not come as easy to some as they do for others. All the teachers that I have had at this school care for each of their students and want them to learn but I feel like it could be better.
Enterprise High School could be improved and it will be with in the next few years thanks to the new principal Rick Palmer. The school and the town in general has a very friendly atmosphere. There is always someone there to help you out if you are having a hard time.
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