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I have attended Enterprise High School for all four years of high school. I have enjoyed the social aspects of it, as there are constantly school-sponsored activities to be apart of. Several of the teachers are extremely thorough in their criteria and their style of teaching. I enjoy attending this school, and enjoy learning from it. The sports are well enough, as well as they can be expected for a school this small.
The thing I love most about my high school is how well I get to know students, as well as teachers, through 4-H, FFA, sports, church, or work. Everyone at our school knows each other, which creates a very positive and happy environment. I have a good relationship with all of my teachers, and it is easy for me to see how much they care about the success of each individual student. It is also very easy to get involved in extracurricular activities and put yourself out there. Anyone can be Enterprise is so far from an urban city, it makes it harder to relate yourself to others. I feel that having more diversity and being closer to a large city would help people have more exposure and a well rounded perspective of what the real world has to offer. in band, choir, FFA, FCCLA or make a sports team. One of the things that I wish I could change about our school is the lack of diversity and the isolation from other cities. Because there isn't much diversity and
Multiple opportunities for each student. 96% student participation rate.
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Average tenure over 20 years. Multiple Master Teachers. Available. Know every parent and student by name.
Proactive in their policies and review of policies.
Outstanding School District. Small school that get's the job done and prepares students for their next step in life.
We have one of the biggest numbers of exchange students come to our school each year. The kids here are friendly and out going. It is easy to make friends if you are a positive person. Because of the exchange students, we always have diversity within cultures. The diversity with sexual orientation however, is poor. Everyone in enterprise is straight. I don't believe that this is true, but no one has come out yet.
Because we are such a small school, we don't have very many opportunities to do different sports. Out gymnasium is excellent and our coaches are always so supportive. We are able to participate in any sport we choose and have fun while doing it. The majority of people in our school participate in sports so most of us are all friends. Most people do one ore more sports, so it is easy to have a variety of athletes. We gt tremendous support from our directors and administrators as well as from the community.
Because the teachers are so helpful, it is easy for students to excel and do well at school. If a student were to have a hard time in school it would only be because their personal choices stop them from excelling.
Every thing is simply the best at our school. The only thing we lack is the school nurse, however the hospital is only a couple of blocks down and we seem to have no problem helping someone who is hurt, get help. As far as drinking, many students do these activities outside of school. I believe that the reason for this is the lack of things to do because we live in a town of only 2,000 people with the nearest big city being 2 hours away down the mountain. The drinking problem is being taken care of by the city police and the counselor at our school often talks to people who are said to drink. We take many surveys and take helpfully informational courses in health class to help show the risk of drinking.
The principal goes around to every classroom each morning and after lunch to check on each class to make sure the teachers are okay and that all student are obeying school rules. The administration is very strict on dress code. Every time any sports team has to dress up, they double their look out. Searching for anyone, usually girls, who are breaking the dress code. If they do break the code, the principle, or other administration staff will pull them aside and kindly ask them to change. The school administration is very helpful when it comes to school fees and are very flexible to parents and families. They always have at least two staff in each hallway monitoring the students, searching for potential problems like bullying. However, we don't have that problem.
I don't eat there often because my home is only eight minutes away from school, however when I was younger and didn't have my license I enjoyed eating there. I am not a picky eater, so i enjoyed all they had to offer and the lunch staff are so kind. I know that our school doesn't have a huge variety of food because we are a 2a school and we don't have enough money to have a variety. However, we always have a salad bar with fresh vegetables and fruits.
I love my teachers, mainly because they are so relaxed. They set a positive atmosphere for each class. They are all very down to earth and easy to talk to, many students consider them as their friends. The teachers always make sure that 100% of the students understand what they are teaching. The majority of our students get excellent grades because of the teacher's patience and willingness to be helpful to everyone.
I love growing up in a small high school of only 110 students. The teachers are like the students friends we have such a strong and healthy relationship with them. I love each of my teachers and all of my classmates, including those that aren't in my grade. The teachers are always available to help and they are thorough with their lectures and helping the students to understand what they are teaching fully. I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other high school. The sports are so much fun and the majority of students participate in three sports year round. I love the fact that we have no cliques in our school because it is so small, this makes it so that we all feel like we are like brothers and sisters. It is an awesome atmosphere and I actually look forward to going to school each day. I know, crazy, right? Compared to going to a huge elementary school, this small town life is so much better.
My high school is very safe. There are no threats of any kind of violence. There are bomb threats in buildings around us and school is always canceled and the safety of the students is always taken seriously and the most important thing for our administration. Enterprise High School is a very save place and it is a good learning environment.
We do not have all the resources that we need to make our campus a productive work area. The building is very old and needs updates that are not being made. We have great faculty that makes up for the lack of resources though. Our guidance councilor is the absolute best and all the teachers are very helpful in anything we need help with, school related or not.
There are not as many class options as was needed some of the years. The classes are mostly general classes there are a few honors classes but most are required. My high school has a lot of different choices for English courses but they all offer the same thing there really isn't any differences between them.
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