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Typical small town clique school. I left as soon as I graduated in 2008 and haven't been back. It's been amusing watching the clique reunite to try to plan their class reunion. So glad I'll be skipping that nonsense.
I've always been a student here in the Enterprise School District and I've enjoyed it since day one.
The teachers are very helpful. They make sure the students are college ready before they graduate. They even , while also help former students if they need a paper checked for a college class. They are very professional in the classroom, while also creating a welcoming environment for the students. The teachers do not just teach the information. They make sure that the student knows he information before the test.
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I moved to Enterprise when I was in the 5th grade. I have loved every year since I started. The teachers are caring and helpful and the students are all sweet. I have made life long friends. I real like I am more that prepared for college,between the school counselor,principal and the teachers.
Academically, this school is good, but, as a recent graduate from Enterprise High School, I would not recommend sending your child here. The only way your child will be treated fairly in all aspects of this school (grades, dress-code, clubs, and how they are treated by their peers and teachers) is if you have a lot of money and your last name is important in that town. Many talented students are held back and ridiculed for exceeding above other students. Also, the teachers' opinions are shoved down the students' throats regardless of the situation. However, there are a few exceptional teachers here, but most of them are carbon copies. If you picture your child's going to a movie-quality high school where cliques and scandal run rapid, send them to Enterprise High School.
I am a former graduate of Enterprise High School. I attended Enterprise from the age of six and in my experiences there I was not impressed. Enterprise never offered clubs that benefited its students for college such HOSA or FFA. They claim to have FFA but from experience I know that we were never able to actually do anything agricultural. I know that Enterprise had an involved community choir that participated in singing for the Nursing Home in Enterprise.
Enterprise was a good school because the teachers really care about you and your grades. They want you to pass so they will do their best to help you.
I love Enterprise, but it's all about testing... State tests are what is taught year-round, not how to manage a bank account or how to build a table. State tests are what keeps this school an A Rated school, and the teaching system here reflects this.
The school is relatively small which allows for lots of one on one time with teachers. Due to its small size, however, there is a shortage of extracurriculars offered.
Enterprise High School located in Enterprise,MS is rated number one in the state of Mississippi. Our test scores are outstanding and our teachers and students work hard to better our community and school!
The types of clubs that we have are FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), FFA (Future Farmers of America), Student Council, Yearbook Staff, Junior Beta, Senior Beta, First Priority, etc. The level of commitment is about 75%. Most students don't commit to what they're getting themselves involved in. Some quit because of other students that's included in the club or organization, etc. Our administration support is great.
My favorite experience at this particular school was the year that I played basketball. That was my 8th grade year. Since then, I haven't played basketball. I've gotten interested in Archery and Cross Country. What makes this school unique is when everyone comes together as a family and get along with each other and love each other. It'll be more unique if we try to help each other and not try to pull one another down to the ground. The reason why I would choose this school is because of certain teachers that actually care about the students and aren't just there for the pay and to say that they have a job.
Some teachers actually take their time and teach the students how to do a certain task. A few of the teachers just speed through the lessons and expects the student(s) to catch on quickly. Not realizing that a certain amount of those students have a specific disability. So it may take more time for one or more students to catch on to the lesson than it does any other person. Some of our teachers have knowledge. They will take time out and break it down piece by piece to make sure that the student understands how to take on a specific subject. Some of the teachers even try to help the student on quizzes, tests, etc. Their communication skills are somewhat understandable. As a student myself, the way that my teachers communicate with me, I understand them a little. Not as much as I should. Their grading consistency is okay. Some of us students usually get upset. Sometimes it may be our fault. Sometimes it may even be the teacher's fault. But at the end of the day, we can only help ourselves first. The teacher can only help us if they see that we're actually putting forth an effort to try.
It's an alright school for some people. It's small which is a good thing to me. The teachers do not teach and they wonder why we are failing.
Enterprise High is small school in the country where everyone knows everyone, which can be good and bad. My school is unique because it has minorities but we all are one in religion. If I could do it all again, I would choose Enterprise because of the smallness.
Football is what our twin is about. Baseball and softball come next, then basketball.
Teacher are helpful and teach as fast a the slowest student learns. They go step by step until everyone has the information they need
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Most tutoring and other help is done by the beta club and national honour society.
The food is not terrible, but the regulations for good is strict and the cooks do as best they can to make the food taste great with what limitations they are given.
The building themselves are old, but have been renovated and are quite new on the inside.
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