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I liked the opportunities they offered, but the administration attitude and people there in general could do better.
Overall not bad, a nice-sized school. School lacks in diversity and I personally wish funding would go more towards academics than the football program.
The school offers several programs, both academic and elective, and supports all of the extracurriculars, like JROTC, HOSA, Foreign language clubs, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, and the arts as well as sports. The teachers stress college readiness and preparation and strive to help students succeed. Currently the school is under some construction which causes a mild inconvenience, but other than that the school safe and effective in preparing its students.
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There's huge communication problems and it's really irritating. Some teachers act like they don't see inappropriate things going on in hallways.
Great school for the area with a lot of unique opportunities. Currently the structural issues at the school need to be fixed.
A great top-notch education with phenomenal school spirit and a lot of opportunities to succeed. However, dress code is enforced unfairly sometimes, and football is placed on a pedestal above all other programs. Also, the school is falling apart and their is a lot of construction which makes the school day less enjoyable.
Enterprise High School was full of spirit and a drive for empowering young minds to be ready for what life throws at them. I would however like to see some diversity in teaching staff/faculty.
At Enterprise High School, I was the first class of freshman to attend EHS. It took a while to get used to the huge school.
I have graduated from there back in 2009, but it was a great school for me. All the teachers were very helpful and the administration and the facilities were a bit strict but they did manage the school as well as I thought they would. As a survivor of March 1st, 2007 event, the teachers were brave protecting the students from the disaster, which gained my even greater respect for them and it showed they are doing their jobs. The education is great and very effective, which reflected my grades and GPA.
Enterprise High School is a large school populated by wonderful teachers and hard working students. There are many interesting and diverse courses that provide opportunities for all students.
Enterprise High School has shaped me and made me who I am today. It is filled with teachers and other staff members that truly care about their students' success and well being. As I approach my senior year, I look back on all the memories I have created in that one building and all the activities I have participated in. Enterprise is full of diversity and offers an exceptional academic experience for all of its students. The career technical courses offer important information and education that allow students to determine the career path that they choose to be on. Enterprise High School achieves the goal of preparing students for after graduation.
I feel like removing flex is gonna cause many students, including myself, a large amount of stress. Many students used flex as a way to get work done or as a way to unwind a little before our next class. Also I feel like many students would agree with me when I say we need to re-open the courtyard. Our campus is large and with the courtyard being closed it takes more time to move from floor to floor. Other than that this school is amazing.
Enterprise High School is an amazing school that will prepare all of its students for success! The faculty and staff are extremely helpful, and the activities, clubs, extra-curriculars offered are endless!
I love everything about EHS. EHS has some great teachers and awesome clubs you can join. Not only does EHs has great clubs but it also offers different sports that students can join like football, soccer, and even golf!!!
I believe that my high school experience overall all was a good one and one to remember. The pep rallies we had were always fun and eventful and one may say rivalrous between the classes but in a good way. We would all have fun and just go all out for these pep rallies. The school also really loves its football every Friday night the student section would be packed with vigorous student ready to have fun and let loose. There would be music, dancing, yelling, etc. we just really enjoyed our football. Also they had added a Jumbotron this year so that we could get a better look at plays that happened. But an upsetting part about the school is that they closed the courtyard due to the foundation cracking and pieces falling so we weren’t able to enjoy out courtyard this year and able to get that fresh air like how we used to but overall enterprise is a good school
I moved to Enterprise, AL and enrolled at EHS the summer before my sophomore year and the transition was almost flawless. They helped me pick the right classes to put me on the right track for college. They also helped me make a 4 year plan with the classes I want to take in my last 2 years of high school. The environment is very welcoming and I absolutely love the opportunities I am given at EHS.
Enterprise high school is very nice and offers students many opportunities to succeed in the classroom with great staff and resources. The only complaint I had was the schools appearace to prioritize football above other sports by not having facilities to play any outdoor sports including track.
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I liked the teachers at Enterprise High school. Like anywhere, they were not all friendly, but there are some teachers that are amazing. They will go in early nd stay late to tutor.
As a member of the Student Advisory Group, a school-sponsored club designed for nominated students to attend meetings with the principal, I had to survey students to find out any possible improvements that could be made to the school. From the teachers to staff members, Enterprise High School seemed flawless. The moment someone steps foot inside the immense doors of Enterprise High School, they are immediately granted valuable opportunities to stretch their boundaries of success. I was determined to find one flaw of the school. I asked my fellow peers, looked at my own experience, and tried my best to come up with an answer to the question: what is wrong with this school? However, I have yet to answer that question.
Our school is a great school. Our teachers push us to strive for greatness and to take harder classes to get us ready for college.
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