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It was an average high school experience. I'm glad I went there but I wouldn't want to go back without some nice renovations and changes to the administration.
Enrico Fermi Highschool, was a great school with great teachers and atmosphere. The school was involved in sports, academic support and getting one ready for college.
My overall experience at Fermi was great! The teachers were excellent and some I still keep in touch with. I would say that the school had a good selection of classes and did offer advanced placement and college level courses that did prepare me for my college courses. The only thing that really stuck out at Fermi was the lack of diversity, which is due to who resides in Enfield and the overwhelming white population. Something that could have been improved on was the cafeteria food, which was never fresh or nutritious. The selection of food was subpar and did not vary from pizza, burgers, or pasta. Despite the food, Fermi really gave me an enjoyable high school experience and prepared me for higher education!
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I like the atmosphere and the resources that were available for students. The school was clean, classes were well equipped. Materials and books were in good condition. Clubs and sports were fantastic. I wish it had extra clubs and better equipment for sports. Overall it was a great school.
The teachers at Enrico Fermi High School either made or destroyed your academic experience at this school. The teachers for AP and honors classes provided a much more involved environment as well as the encouragement and feedback desired in order for the students to succeed with their academic and personal goals. Without the exceptional teachers and advisors, the students would not be nearly as successful.
I attended Enrico Fermi high School from grades 9 to 12. I participated in basketball my first two years and volleyball my last 2 years of high school. However, our school has closed as of June 2016 and has merged with Enfield high School at the other end of town.
My overall experience for this school was a bit of a disappointment. There was nothing unique or exciting about what this school had to offer so I felt like I did not get to explore new topics like other high schoolers I knew in different areas. On the positive side I did feel safe at the school and there were a few activities I enjoyed. Their track and field team was my favorite part of that school and I very much enjoyed participating until a sudden medical condition prevented me from doing so. Even after I couldn't participate the coaches and team members still looked after me and treated me like a memeber of the team which made some parts of my life a lot easier. The biggest problem I had was not necessarily the schools fault. It was that my interests and hobbies would have better fit in a polytech school where I could have focused more on math and science. Fermi had limited science classes such as anatomy and physiology and college biology but I was looking for things that went further in depth and were more challenging. In the end I would not attend Fermi again because I would choose to go to a technical school instead.
My experience at this school was nothing fantastic, but it was not terrible either. I had a few select teachers who went above and beyond average to really get to know students and help guide them. It appeared that these teachers genuinly cared for the well-being of their students and showed it by encouraging them to do what they were best at, giving them real life advice, and getting to know them as individual people. The problem that I oserved which prevented them from being spectacular was the fact that they were so limited in what they were allowed to teach. They had ridgid curriculums that did not allow these teachers to really connect their lessons to the real world. They were constantly trying to bring in new material to give us a full understanding of a topic but were constantly fighting with test deadlines and needs for state testing. Another great this was how versatile they were in teching methods. My better teachers would go out of their way to teach the same lesson in more than one ways so everyone could understand no matter their learning style. The rest of the teachers would benefit from simply watching these exceptional few opperate a class. I found that most of the teachers at Fermi would simply teach a lesson and that was all. There was no passion or creativity at all. Some teachers even seemed to openly dislike many students in their classes and grade them unequally. While that was more rare I still think it is something that needs to be looked at and changed.
They're no better or worse than your average high school.
It was pretty average. Not many people cared if you were different.
Some teachers were better than others.
I never took part in any of the extracurriculars
The school nurse was extremely rude, and students constantly talked about their use of drugs.
The police that are here are healers for the purpose of making the school a safer environment. I rarely see and altercations with bullying and other negative threats such a drug use. In the very few instances where things such as that are brought to attention, it is handled in a swift and barely noticeable manner.
I am a part of many after school clubs where a variety of people are a part of it. I am the president of the Lamplighters club. I am Director of Activities for the student senate. I also am part of the Leo club, national honor society, and school yearbook club. Each club offers me a lot of opportunities to reach out in my community and make more friends. That is something that has made me very grateful throughout my high school career.
The clubs and after school activities had made my high school experience one the of best that it can be. Being the president of the school's drama club, I can say so myself that the club is a very welcoming place where hard work, dedication, as well as fun are the most important aspects.
One of the teachers that has effectively made myself a better overall student is my English teacher from both freshman and senior year. At the beginning of the week, our class discusses world events and topics and throughout the rest of the week we incorporate the topics into our class discussions and lessons. By doing this, it has made both the rest of the class and myself pay more attention the events that happening the world around us today.
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Fermi is not diverse. They have like less than 6 asian ameircans (including me). Peer pressure is not a big issue, because no one will force anyone to do anything. Students are focused on themselves no one else but their own needs.
The academics are very useful. I know everything I have learned in all my english classes have taught me and prepared me for college and the real world. I know in math was difficult because i do not plan on being a math major so theres no interest in that field.
I feel safe for the most part. the only thing that is bad, is that anyone can push a button and get buzzed into the school and enter the school at the front doors. The doors are not near the main office so you can easily sneak by if you look like a student. But our officer is there for most of the time but not much. He focuses more on giving someone a ticket for no parking pass.
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