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I like that this school allows students to work at their own pace. The downfall of this is that students who are not motivated to do their work, will not get anything done. This school teaches students to accept others because everyone is at this school for a different reason. This school is very different from East High and I wouldn't want to change a thing. EEA changes people; from students to staff.
To be honest, the school has a whole lot of bad kids with bad backstories. The kids with great attitudes and a just fine backstory are the most targetted. I have seen so many instances where a "good" kid gets in trouble for doing the same as a "bad" kid. It's honestly rather disappointing when this happens, and it's something I would like to see being worked on.
Honestly, this school changed my life. I was happy coming to this school, after having to leave my school from a threat. I was scared and still on edge about bullying and harassment at my old school. At this school, I am moving rather quickly, and am, in turn, graduating early. It's crazy, but this school has definitely changed my life.
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Since we aren't big enough to have our own sports teams, we have to play sports at Wausau East. Basically, we have intermurals that are okay. We usually end up getting killed by the bigger kids from East.
The academics are top notch from EEA. We are college level AP classes and you must maintain a B in all of your classes. Being a mastery academy, we have to receive an 80% or better on everything we do, else we do not pass. Though it could be better with how disciplines are handled, the academic rates are fantastic, and it proves almost impossible to not graduate early within this school.
They are challenged to deal with behavior problems while handling academic responsibilities. While EEA Learning Academy is primarily an online school, there is still a need to have face time with the teachers and sometimes it can be difficult as they are also responsible for the disciplinary actions that need to be dealt with throughout the day.
The poverty level at this school is at 80% so there are two factions and there is a lot of friction between the two factions. Unfortunately, there isn't workshops to help the students to understand each other.
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