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Enosburg Falls Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the fact that you made friends with any one. Everyone is kind and caring. Sports teams are great! Teachers and courses are even better.
I went to this school for all 4 years of my high school career. I wasn't challenged until my senior year. Staff is all very nice, but students are not worked as hard as they should be.
Enosburg Falls High School has been a great place to challenge myself and prepare for my future. You get to know teachers on a personal level and can even have them all four years of your high school experience. They offer challenging advanced and AP classes in many different areas including, math, and science. I feel my high school experience with advanced classes, a close knit community, and multiple opportunities at a small school, has prepared me successfully for college.
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When I went to Enosburg Falls High school I was young and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but with the help of great teachers and staff I was guided to a career path that I am now earning a degree in.
What makes my school unique is we are all laid back and always doing something fun while getting our work done at the same time. Its easy to connect with the teachers and get help whenever its needed. They always try their hardest to understand the students and always try their best to help each individual succeed. Every teacher also has their own personality so it makes each class interesting.
Violence is vey rare, but when it happens it's usually not about prejudice, just over petty things. Bullying can occurs sometimes to diversity since it is rare around here.
While most meals are good, the hamburgers and meat are not of good quality and I question what I'm really eating sometimes. I skip if I can but sometimes it's what I have to eat. I know we are on a budget but I'm just not sure about the meat. They offer lots of healthy option with the main meal and a variety of it too!
We have recently made changes to the dress code that are less sexist than the other dress code. We also have many clubs that support diversity and help support anybody from bullying. We have a no tolerance policy. It is a safe environment but sometimes hateful language is still thrown around under the staff's notice.
There is the occasional teacher that I feel really cares about me outside of the essay I didn't do so well on. I feel they see me as a grade and not a person. I'm the missed assignments not the assignment I got an A on. Some are exceptions but they are few and far between.
Sports are good but I'm not really involved so I can only go based off what other people say.
I do think the clubs are good but as far a as variety it can be dismal. It's especially dismal if you are not into sports.
All the doors are locked so no one can get in. I feel very safe!
It is cafeteria food, isn't that great but tolerable.
I loved the administration, always there when you need them!
My senior year they started having a crossfit training class and they put in a workout room. Although the cardio room and wright rooms are small, we do not have a lot of students so it works well.
Of course there are some teachers that are not that great, but almost all of them are great!
There are not enough students to have a lot of clubs, so there are some but not enough.
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You have to be willing to do the work, but there is so much support at this school. Don't take the easy courses, you'll be mad at yourself for it when you get to college. They provide great challenging courses with support to allow you to be successful. Take advantage of that.
The food was not very good and limited options.
Teachers and faculty are pretty strict with enforcing the rules and following the code.
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