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In high school we are provided with so many opportunities from upper level classes to clubs and organizations to get involved in. Everyone can fit in anywhere the options are endless.
Overall have great activities for everyone to interact with other to really experience everything. For example this year we had a carnival for the whole campus and everyone was having fun with each other. We also have other things like the pep rally where everyone can watch our dance team(the lionettes) and even watch the little show the cheerleaders have. Doing this encourages the students of ennis high school to really enjoy their high school experience.
The school is more worried about “dress code” then their students education. I went to this school and there was some nice teachers but the decisions the main people constantly made were horrible.
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I’ve lived in ennis my whole life and gone to school there for every single grade. It’s not horrible but it’s not amazing. There are little things that our school does that others don’t which is nice. On the other hand they can get so strict with the dumbest things rather than how w do in school which isn’t helpful but other than that it is what it is.
My experience at Ennis High School was overall, not bad at all. There are teachers who sincerely care what we do for our futures and also programs that help challenge us for that next step in life, whether it people college or joining the workforce.
What I loved most about Ennis High School is that you will meet so many different people that can become lifelong friends. I had the experience of having encounters with some of the smartest people. The students of this school have some of the greatest school spirit and continually show it every Friday night during the football games and other sports events. Now with all of this school spirit there still are some things that need to be changed. The school food is terrible and way overpriced. Often times you are forced to sneak away and that's pretty tough since the high school is a closed campus. If they can increase the quality of the food, then I think that this high school can be one of the best in America.
Ennis High School was such a great place, I'm blessed to have been able to attend school there. The High School has a very secure campus, I felt safe going in and coming out alone. Being able to walk the halls without a problem was great. The teachers are all great, they are very helpful with class work. The best thing about EHS is their teaching method; some teachers have their own little way of how they teach but they all are so good with how they have their agendas set up. All teachers that work there are just fantastic, some may have their ups and downs with some students but a majority of them start a very good relationship with us students and that is one main reason the school is such a great school.
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Ennis High School is a great high school experience. We are a 5A school meaning all of our sports are mildly competitive with some of the top teams around Texas. We have a strict dress code policy,as well as, a strict no headphone policy. The teachers are excellent and know how to give students the tool they need in order to succeed. Because of this schools atmosphere and good hospitality I have become an overall better student and friend to many of the other students and faculty. This school has prepared me for the challenges I'll face in the near future at college.
What I would like for Ennis High School to change about is to not be too involved with just one sport, we the students need to graduate college ready.
I like how small the community is and how you get to know more people. Also, one of the things I would like, if they changed it, would be the dress code so that we can have a bit more freedom on what to wear to school.
I am a senior at Ennis High School and over the past four years, I have grown not only as a student but as a person. There are more good teachers than there are bad teachers. Bad in a manner that they do not teach very well if that at all. FOr the good teachers, they teach well in a way that students can understand. Overall, Ennis is a good school.
Ennis High School is a wonderful school that cares about the students and wishes for them to succeed in their lives. I love that Ennis is a small community with huge impact they are very supportive in everything that I want to peruse. Ennis high school has taught me to believe in myself and to work hard. I have learned many things and the teachers are very helpful and have helped me to furthe my education. The teachers encourage their students to dream big and accomplish those dreams.
My experience at Ennis High School was pretty good as a whole. I just feel there are room for improvements within the school. First, dress code is very strict in our school while other schools it is not. They get to wear whatever they want and it seems kind of unfair to us. Every year money is constantly being spent on clothes that are used for barely a year and then thrown away. The next issue I saw was sports not being equal. Not all sports get the same recognition and credit like other sports do. Getting recognized just like every other sports matters to athletes. I think Ennis High School lacks that greatly. Lastly, the food is horrendous. There are times that the food is decent but most times students have to break the rules by going off campus to go get food. If better food was served in the cafeteria, that would lower the amount of students leaving campus everyday. I feel a lot of problems would be solved if they made a few of these changes.
Typical high school had a lot of bad people in it, which hurt my focus lowering my GPA before graduation. Two great teachers there one is gone to heaven and the other is there still
Absolutely great high school! Teachers are engaged with students every day and genuinely want to improve their students academic skills. The athletic department brings the whole town together at each sports events. In the future, I would 100% feel comfortable with my own kids attending this high school because every faculty member made me and my peers feel comfortable in our own skin and we never had to hesitate to ask for help when we needed it.
I spent my whole entire life in Ennis and going to schools within the Ennis Independent School District. I was able to grow and be myself. I was given opportunities that others were not. Ennis is a proud city and they cheer on their band (which was what activity I was in) and hearing the fans cheer when we formed our famous E, it was a great sound I will always remember.
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Overall, Ennis High School is an excellent learning environment. Anywhere from music to mechanics, there is plenty to indulge oneself in. The staff are very helpful and help a student in need, although usually only after they ask. Ennis High School is definitely one of the state's top public academic facilities with regards to their academic, administrative, athletic, and artistic departments.
I liked that the school is very focused on ones success in high school and after high school. The students are very nice to each other. Teachers are very understanding towards the students and really try to help you succeed.
What I like about Ennis High School it would have to be that is where I stayed with my high school sweetheart, other than that, it's a school of people within their groups making others who don't "fit" the odd ones out.
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