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EHS is a great school! They make sure that you're getting the right opportunities in order for you to graduate. Most of the teachers are kind, loving, and will help you get good grades. But, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have flaws. The students can take control over alot of things and could abuse that power for their own benefit. Overall, my experience has been stressful and good at the same time.
Emporia High School is an average school. Nothing about it makes it stick out or makes it extraordinary. The teachers at the school are okay I think some of them could do a better job at making sure we get work done in class.
The teachers have a way with bonding with the kids, and by the end of your time there, you feel like your family grew by hundreds. Mr. Fischer did a great job making sure all students felt included this year and welcome at Emporia High school.
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Emporia High school is a good school. The teachers are always happy to help whenever students need it. However, I wish to see some teachers less strict on students who may need more help.
I had a big adventure in my opinion when I went to the high school something was always going on for me and it never got boring no matter what was going on and the administration was always understanding for everyone
My experience at Emporia High was quite an average one. Nothing very spectacular about the school. Most of the teachers are great though, and they over a lot of classes in terms of electives. From glassblowing to photography, the school has just about everything and is always adding more classes.
Emporia High School needs to preform better. Recently, there was a scandal and a teacher was fired for requesting inappropriate pictures of students in exchange for better grades. There were multiple teachers who made it difficult to learn due to their attitudes towards students. The school also tried to hold their 2020 graduation ceremony in May amid the COVID-19 crisis. However, some teachers and administrators made my high school experience bearable, and for that I give the school 2 stars.
Emporia High School is a decent school. There are many opportunities to learn many things and to prepare for the future. There are lots of extracurricular activities, including a variety of sports, clubs, and groups. The teachers there are for the most part caring and dedicated to helping students learn. There is plenty of opportunity to learn, and the school also has arranged easy ways to earn college credit through nearby ESU and FHTC.
Emporia High school has great faculty. Their teachers really care about their students and their success. It is such a diverse school and anyone is welcomed. Their administrators are always doing what is in the students best interest and leading by example. They offer some of the best extracurricular activities, there is something here for everyone.
I loved going to school here. The environment was wonderful and I would love to teach there one day. The only thing that was bad was the food, but everyone made fun of the food. We were allowed to leave for lunch so it was not that bad. The teachers were all great. I noticed in my college classes that I was better prepared by the teachers in the district than other students that did not attend USD253.
Quality school! Overall great staff and atmosphere! I love going to Emporia High because of the teachers that constantly work for students to achieve success. I have been in the district all of my life, and my entire experience has been wonderful.
Emporia high school consisted of a very diverse range of students. They offer classes from many varying pathways and they offer many dual credit college classes.
What I like about the school is that its kind of nice like well built. However there have been many problems with it like pipes breaking having contaminated water in the school. There's also rude and terrible substitute teachers that can be homophobic and racist. Also there is racist students and the school doesn't do anything to stop them from it or punish them. Also this school doesn't help student with mental health issues. There are some good teachers though that do care and help students but a lot of the school can improve on that. Also I feel like the school doesn't care about our safety when it comes to weather because they try their hardest not to have snow days so they don't cancel school and to not pay teachers. This school has potential but they have to make so many changes and its to late for me to even experience them which is sad and frustrating.
Overall, Emporia High School has given me many opportunities to jump start the process of college classes and finding out what activities I like or dislike. I would love to see a change in the environment. Right now, there are barely any windows to the outside and that makes the learning environment kind of dreadful on days that you cannot focus or you just want to see what the weather is like. Also, I believe by making the interior and exterior a bit more pleasing to the eye would improve students motivation
Emporia High is a spontaneous school that has given me multiple opportunities to be productive with involvement of extra curricular activities such as sports and fine arts. I am thankful of making friends that are worthy. I think the school body involvement is not enough. It should not be just student assemblies that bring the school body together. There should also be school wide activities every once a while for togetherness and better connections with one another.
Opportunities are provided that are unique, and everything is made available to students wishing to succeed in any field. However, some subjects are emphasized more than others, and sports are prevalent over academics in some instances.
There is always room for improvement. I worked on getting my pre-reqs for the nursing program and am the first person to go straight into the program right out of high school
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I love going here because of all the opportunities that were available to me. I was also able to take some of my college classes while i was still in highschool.
What I like about Emporia High School is that there is a verity of sports for students to pick from as well as clubs. The coach keeps you on top of your academics and makes sure that you do not get into trouble. The teachers here care about your education and want to make sure that you are ready to be on your own. Diversity here shows, we have people from all races and everyone makes sure that you are included in school, finding friends, and having fun at school.
Emporia High School has much to offer. It has a selection of classes that help you decide what you want to go into as a career and the staff and students give you unlimited support. You could go to anyone and feel comfortable asking for advice on anything from personal life to college life. Emporia High School also has friendly staff and students who make you feel welcomed as soon as you step through those doors. It is a very diverse high school as well and everyone gets along no matter race or religion.
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