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I love ECA!! The teachers are awesome and the academics are great!! The sports program is good and the lunch is good too.
My favorite thing about Emmanuel Christian Academy is most certainly the atmosphere. It is a very small school, leading to all the students knowing each other closely. To new students, everyone is very welcoming and friendly, and the students love to make others laugh. I would like to see it change for the better, as it hopefully continues to evolve and keep up with our changing times, as it already has been, bit by bit.
I am an alumni and now my children attend Emmanuel. The teachers are excellent and put forth so much effort to make sure their students succeed. We have had great experiences so far!
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Emmanuel Christian Academy had one amazing teacher (who is now retired), who cared about both her students and academics. However, many of the other teachers are not qualified and get overly involved with their student's personal lives. The parents are the same way, and the administration is corrupt.
I have had the privilege of attending ECA for the past 10 years. The staff treats students with respect, understanding and love. They are interested not only in making sure we understand the subject but also who we are as a person. Their love for teaching and serving others shines thru in all they do.
My experience here was great, there was nothing wrong. I love taking surverys and voicing my opinion about this school. This is a great opportunity because I know my opinions are different than others.
Handbell Choirs play at the Governor's Mansion. Enough said.
Teachers are amazing. The best part of the school.

The family spirit of the school is unlike anything I have seen.

Facility is better than any private Christian school I know of. Recently painted, upgraded LED lighting, new chairs, flooring, room upgrades, etc.

It really is a great place that I am so happy to be a part of.
Basically its a school of epic teachers. I had great teachers growing up, and I couldn't ask for better ones for my children.
As hard as I have tried to love it, Emmanuel has not lived up to my expectations. Many new students leave after just a year of attending. The school is incredibly cliquey and the teachers care more about minor dress code violations like wearing patterned polos while rumors float around about kids smoking in the bathrooms and carrying vapes in their backpacks. The technology aspect is not that great either. With 20 Mac computers theres not one printer that we are "allowed" to work on because the secretary is swamped...aka browsing interest. Teachers have as much drama and gossip as the students do if not more. Favoritism is incredibly obvious and teachers feel free to yell and shut down any opinion not directly equal to the Bible or their own personal beliefs. We have two great teachers here both of which are leaving at the end of this year. In order to replace them the staff usually finds someone with a Christian Education or Bible major, not the major they're teaching. If there is a grading problem or slip up which there has been on 3 out of my 4 report cards just last year, I am blamed first and foremost until a parent brings the situation to the office where then the principal starts topic their mistakes. Teachers are often fake and do the bare minimum for students especially outside the classroom. As far as college is concerned, the staff and faculty do NOTHING to help the students apply or prepare for college and look down at those who choose to attend a public university. As far as health is concerned, there is asbestos in the ceilings, leaks and tiles coming down from the roof often, mold in every classroom, mice have been occasionally spotted as well as large cockroaches in the kitchen. My parents initially sent me here for the atmosphere, and that has been marred too. I've found a small group of friends that love and support me and my class has been counting down the days till graduation for months. It's a lot of money for pretty much a public school....
It is a safety property however the school nurse is occasionally there but the school must find someone to be there 24/7.
There are no extra activities after school besides study help on Monday and Thursday. Also there are games too.
The atmostphere is great however there needs to be a lot of work done. The floors are dusty and everywhere you look there is mold.
The teachers are very sweet, they go above and beyond to make sure they meet the student's needs. Encourage students to grow spiritually and academically.
I did not like attending ECA. The kids in my class were fake and snobby and because of the tiny class sizes (15), there wasn't an alternative way to make friends. Students tended to be "cliquey" and not accepting of newcomers. The school offers very few extracurricular activities and sports. They also only have math classes up to the level of pre-calculus and they don't offer any AP opportunities. Required chapel services twice a week were dry and boring and often times the school would have teachers with little to no background or credibility. I loved the staff, most teachers were loving and supportive; but, the secretary is mean and rude and does not appear to care about the students. The building was nice for a Christian school because it is an actual school building not just in the basement of a church; however, there were constant heating and leaking problems. There was very little leniency from the administration on matters of leaving early for work and going out during breaks. I overall disliked my school experience there, but the teachers and staff are mostly loving.
The building is secure, visitors are well-screened, and the food is healthy and safe.
What the school does have in money, it makes up for in the selfless care of teachers for their students.
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