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I enjoyed making friends and experiencing life as a boarding student here. The small size of my classes allowed for a more personalized learning experience and I was able to interact more closely with my teachers and fellow classmates at any time of day. Overall, my time here helped shape me into a more independent and conscientious person and student.
The presence of Emma Willard runs so much deeper than the knowledge contained in its classrooms. It is the strength of the connections it fosters, the enthusiasm of the passions it creates, and the impacts of the community engagement opportunities it encourages. Emma Willard has pushed me to expand my interests and abilities both intellectually and personally, and has taught me that being "smart" is about so much more than receiving high marks.
Emma Willard is a great school with great people, however, everyone is extremely competitive and overworks themselves to prove their academic strengths. While this can be a good thing, as it isn't wrong to improve your strengths, many people stress themselves out over SATs and college applications while doing the absolute most to get into top colleges, especially international students! On the other hand, a lot of students, typically rich day students, don't really put in a lot of effort and still get high marks and get into top schools. It's really hard, to be honest, and open about your life experiences that may have been hard because while we claim to be welcoming and accepting, the majority of the school is wealthy and therefore is unaware of what it truly means to struggle economically. Everyone assumes your rich when thats not the case for everyone.
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I love Emma Willard School. I started here as a freshman, and am about to graduate in just over a month. This school has done everything possible to ensure I am ready for college life and academics. Personally, I believe that your Emma Willard experience is what you make of it; the resources are there (and abundant), but you have to take the initiative to become a better person and student. My classmates are likeminded individuals who I am not afraid to confide in. I am confident that everyone in my class (and the classes beneath me) will go on to do incredible things because Emma Willard has taught and brought us up so well. I am proud to wear my class ring everyday, and beyond proud to call myself an Emma Girl.
Emma Willard has a rigorous academic program that gave me plenty of opportunities to develop as a student and a person. There are plenty of resources on campus for academic help, whether it be through student tutors or the teachers themselves, who are often available during study hall. The students I learn alongside are some of the most intelligent, and have pushed me to become the best I am today.

The student body's awareness of social justice issues is also remarkable. In response, Emma has held events and discussions revolving around these issues, resulting in profound and rewarding conversations that I am grateful for.

I will say the lack of diversity in faculty is somewhat disappointing, considering the wide range of diversity among students. Additionally, the dining options have become redundant, having been a boarder for a few years here.

Overall, Emma Willard provides students with many fantastic opportunities—so long as you're willing to take advantage of them.
I think there is a good variety of classes and the classes try to be and most of the time are good at incorporating many types of learning styles and interesting activities. I'd say the teachers are about half and half, but the good ones are absolutely amazing!!! most of the people here are kind. but the school views the students as assets, and cares more about itself as a business than as a place to help students learn and grow. also the school likes to pretend that it's really diverse but it is reaaallllly not.
Emma Willard School is an incredible community filled with tradition and inspiration that truly does foster a love of learning and the habits of an intellectual life within each of its students. More than anything, it is the people in this community that make it so special. I have never been surrounded by so many amazing teachers and peers who want me to succeed so much. At this school, I have been challenged and inspired to take risks and figure out the kind of person I am and want to become. I have also been given the tools necessary to become that person. It is truly a gift to be a part of this community.
It is a great school that puts an emphasis on a strong sense community and traditions. I would not want to go to any other school.
My fours years at Emma have been some of the BEST years of my life. From the teachers, to your fellow classmates, to the bountiful traditions, there is so much to love about Emma. The moment I stepped foot on the beautiful campus, I knew I was somewhere special. The teachers really care about you and want to see you succeed. It's never taboo to ask for help or to ask questions! I have made countless lifelong friends. I even went abroad to Bogota, Colombia. Of course no institution is perfect. (Diversity and emphasis/discussions on social issues regarding race and gender, etc. could improve) but our student body always comes together in support of one another. (P.S.-As far as Revels parts go -I was a monk and member of Sabra's Court )
Impressive school buildings and staff are friendly and accommodating.Well rounded education aimed at bringing out independent achievers .
Attending Emma Willard was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. This institutions academic rigor in adjunct with a wonderful support network has much to do with who I am today and who I will be for years to come. If this institution does nothing more than what it did for me --inspire and instill a love of learning-- then it will have done its job.
It was an incredibly nurturing environment to grow up in and the teachers are phenomenal. It was hugely influential to me.
As a freshman, I haven't been taught by the majority of the teachers at Emma Willard, but from my experiences, I can say that they are all very passionate about what they are teaching and are as enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge as we are to receive it.
They have been fantastic, informative, stimulating and caring.
The campus is very safe and the girls, houseparents, teachers look after each other. Girls are involved in their own well-being and student leaders are charged to develop programs about health, safety and responsibility. I wish there were more counselors to help the girls going through family crises, experiencing anxiety and overall well-being.
New clubs are started every year for any kind of student interest. Girls lead all clubs and have tremendous opportunity for growth and collaboration.
My daughter believes it is the best decision she has ever made. As her parents, we have been happy with her academic experience, the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities & assume leadership roles, the meaningful traditions, by the culture of kindness and caring faculty and staff. In her junior year, there has been increased stress over grades and performance and there is not enough time in a day to complete all her assignments and feel prepared for class the next day. She has to choose between sleep and getting everything done. I would like to see more help with time management and stress management. There are only a couple of counselors and they are too busy to manage the need and demand for help.
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There are plenty of service, social,and activity clubs and organizations, theater, music and after-school sports. Though the school is fairly small (about 360), there is something for everyone.
In all our daughter's years at the school, we've yet to encounter a teacher who does not genuinely care about his or her work and working with young women.
There are not generally bullying or harrassment issues at the school. The health center does a good job overall, though they could be more proactive and host more programs about healthy living and emotional support.
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