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Emery Secondary School Reviews

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Emery Secondary School is a good school, but there is a definite need for more clubs and better food.
I love that the school is very diverse and the school staff is very hands on. The principal and the staff are very friendly and very helpful.
There are a few teachers who really put an effort in helping students succeed. The school is extremely unorganized and has past issues with principles and staff members just leaving on spot.
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What I did like about this school was that everyone seemed to be closely connected. We practically grew up with one another especially if attended Anna Yates Elementary school. I love the diversity of students, and the one on one help and networking opportunities.
I would like for the clubs and activities, and sports to expand over the years, and the test scores to be at least a C average B being the highest. The school isn't at all ready for college as a whole there is a select few who is ready. The teachers have favorite students and I think every student should be able to have a relationship with their teacher knowing how small the school is.
The academics were not good. The school is not setting anybody up for college. Another issue is making the school a community center. I think its very unsafe. People walk around all day, even during school hours.
I feel like the teachers could do more to engage with the students inside and outside of the classroom.
The teachers here at Emery Secondary School in Oakland California is phenomenal. Every single teacher adequately lead and take control of the classrooms. All the teachers are very friendly, open, and approachable. The teachers at Emery take time out their lives to get know their students more to help them succeed in life. The teachers effectively incorporate technology and real life examples in the class work daily. Since Emery Secondary is very small the students get a lot of one on one time with teachers, which , makes it very easy for teachers to help out every single student prosper.
There's is very limited Honors or AP classes available for high achieving students yet the class sizes are small. The curriculum is often harmful to academic progress when the teachers don't expand and encourage independent thinking.
There's not much need for high security at Emery but student violence is common and the faculty isn't well equipped to handle those situations, nor is the school policy effective with prevention.
Emery is not academically challenging enough.
We've been displaced from our regular campus.
Office staff are quite ageist and inconsiderate.
The food has improved but needs to accommodate.
The teachers aren't well qualified or engaged.
The administration has tried to cut many programs like the youth leadership development program (Youth Together) and debate ( BAUDL). The quality of these programs are immaculate and would permit students incredible gain and sharpening of their skills if the students could only access them.
The schools health and safety department is very effective. The nurse is always in her office to help with any injuries that happen. Also, the wellness center is very helpful for students who need someone to talk to they are always there.
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Our sports are okay because our school is temporary at sante fe elementary school so the soccer, football, and baseball field are very small.
The lunch food is not that good and the people who serve it do not practice proper sanitary practices.
student involvement is very low
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