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It’s been really nice the past 4 years, I could’ve have asked for any better school to go to! It is perfect and has they best facilities for sports in the county!
First off, the school doesn't take students seriously with complaints nor do they make strides to get students input on important things going on in the school. As far as the staff, I don't have major complaints besides a good amount of teachers seem to have negative attitudes. I could say that at least ten teachers make an effort to reach out and make sure students know they aren't alone and they truly care for them. The rest just come to school assign work then complain to students about them. The rest just come to school assign work then complain to students about the lack of participation and willingness to do work which is frustrating since its obvious they don't want to be there, so why would students want to be there too? A positive thing I could say about Emerald, is their effort to advance in technology. Each middle and high school student gets their own Chromebook to use during and after school. I like this since prepares me for the advanced future that's ahead of me.
Emerald High School has been a great experience. I love the teachers, staff and the small school feel.
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Emerald is a very friendly environment. The teachers at Emerald are willing to go out of their way to help students succeed. The students at Emerald look out for each other. This is shown through, "See something, Say something." This is a program that allows students to express something they saw that impacted someone or something in a negative way. The faculty and staff at Emerald push the students to challenge themselves and push themselves out of their comfort zone. The faculty and staff are very supportive through anything a student may be going through whether it is school-related or not. Emerald is a great school for not only academics and educational purposes but also for building friendships that will last a lifetime.
Emerald is a great school with an accepting student body. It has many opportunities not only in the school but also at the G. Frank Russel Technology Center and at Greenwood High School.
I have made some amazing friends at Emerald and also lost some. I have made some amazing grades at Emerald and some not so amazing ones too. I have been to every sports event that Emerald offers. I have attended MANY club meetings for various clubs. I have eaten some great food at Emerald and some not so great food there. The point is, there are ups and downs to Emerald, just like every other school. I chose to make my experience one worth remembering. I have learned so much whether it be that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells or that grammar is complicated, always. My school experience was about building bonds with those around me, so if Emerald didn't teach me good academics, Emerald properly introduced me to some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. Each individual that I have come in contact with at Emerald has left a mark on me and my future; therefore, my highschool experience, with the help of my friends and others around me was AMAZING.
Helpful and uplifting teachers willing to tutor and help you succeed. I would greatly benefit from more hands on activities in the classroom
Emerald is a very diverse high school containing students from various walks of life. It’s a great experience for students who’ve never seen a variety of different types of faces however, there are also some downsides to the school experience. The bathrooms of the school are not sanitary at all, and many of the teachers do not care to apply themselves to their craft, and assist students accordingly. The majority of the teachers that I have dealt with come to school everyday with a negative attitude which is indeed contagious to the other children. It’s as if there is no difference in maturity between teachers and students.Many of the teachers value cramming in as much information as possible as opposed to taking time to make sure students have a decent understanding of each subject. If I were in a position to change the environment of my school, I’d definitely work to train/hire teachers who value the well-being of students.
Emerald High School is a really good school, with great teachers. I liked that Emerald High made everyone feel welcome. However, I think textbooks should go and that all textbooks should be online. It would be a lot easier for everyone.
The small school comes with perks. the small classes are to your advantage and the teacher is able to get around to everyone and to address everything. The student life needs improvements.
Emerald has been a good school overall, but the main issue that I had with it was the teachers. Throughout the course of the 4 years that I was there, I had maybe about 3 good teachers that I was actually able to learn from. The rest of them gave busy work and I was basically my own teacher because of laziness.
I have led the school with breaking every girls golf record and won the 3A State Championship for Girls Golf.
I liked how people could connect and all be close. I like how as the years go by, teachers and coaches talk to students a lot more as well. I wish I could change how many doors are locked, like the locker room or to get into the gym, but I also understand the safety reasons.
I went to Emerald for 3 years and I loved every part of it. I made some pretty good friends and I could always count on my teachers and staff when I needed help with anything.
It was a good high school despite there it being hardly funded, unclean, and lack of care from both students and teachers. One thing that can be improved is having an exterminator coming through WEEKLY to ensure that there are no bugs or mice trolling the hallways. Making sure the guidance counselors actually care for their students and giving them the best advice possible. Upgrading on textbooks is absolutely necessary. Teaching course on politics and crrent climate of America is also necessary!
The majority of the teachers at this school show determination in teaching their students. I hope to see the school's community change and become more inviting.
My experience as a student of Emerald High School was very enjoyable. I had many great teachers who truly cared about their profession and their students, and were always willing to help when needed. Emerald High always made sure to put emphasis on academics, although sports also played a major role for many students. Throughout my four years, I created life-long relationships with not only other students but faculty as well.
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Was a clean school. Friendly teachers that were invested in students education. Food was decent. Multiple sports and activities available.
I had an overall good experience at Emerald High School, but there are some changes that really the whole district should consider. If a guidance counselor only recommends a class to one student or a group of students, there should be a good reason why. Not to toot my own horn, but I am top of my class and only began taking AP classes junior year because I was told the only AP class that sophomores could take was AP Human Geography. I know multiple people who took AP Psychology and Statistics sophomore year. I understand that I should have asked more about these classes, but in many cases, I did not know they were available to me.
What I liked about Emerald was the small classes and how the teachers interacted with the students. One thing that could be changed was how clean the school was and how some of the teachers act is unprofessional.
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