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Elvis J. Ballew Early College High School Reviews

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The curriculum is great, you understand it more
The health and safety polocies at this schoolo are very bstrict and everything gets taken care of quickly
The fact that you can graduate early and catch up is great, i can honestly say this school is better than my old high school.
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The lunch food isn't all that great, I mean its not complainable, But better than nothing at all.
I don't llike having a dress code because your at school to learn not to worry about what you are wearing. school is a place to get educated and start your life with your goals.
We don't have sports, its a school of choice (Early graduates)
The teachers are very helpul and caring towards us and always push us to do better than just getting by.
The clubs we have at Lamar Academy (Options, school of choice) are great, the staff and students are very involved. On whatever clubs our students want to create, we always have support form teachers, counselor, principle, and most of the students who arent in the any clubs. In my opinion the clubs we have in school are great and are a good way for our students to interact and do more for themselves, the people around them, and the community.
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