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It has been a fun experience the 4 years in high school went by very quickly. I made many friends here and I met very caring teachers who actually cared about their students learning.
My experience in Elsik High School has been phenomenal, I have learnt so much about myselfand how to relate to others. I have learnt to be grateful for every little thing I have, I have learnt discipline, punctuality and above all, I grew up mentally,physically,socially,spiritually e.t.c it is safe to say that My experience in Elsik High School is one for the Record! I had fun mostly late around my junior year and my entire senior year, it was one of those years where I watch my hard work and perseverance manifest. I love the fact that Elsik High School is a place full of different races and ethnicity it is filled with different cultures and people whereby each person has something to offer, Being in the midst of such a diverse group ranging from principal to janitor, I learnt a lot about life and people in general..that experience gave me the basic tools i needed to succeed in the "Real world" I want the sports resources to be better all sports should have advanced systems and more.
The school gave me very a very comfortable setting to learn and thrive in. The friends, staff, and learning system made my experience priceless. The only thing I had issues with were some of the students that would cause commotion from time to time.
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I think most teachers are good at their job and have a great passion for teaching and helping students. The only complaint I have is the condition of the bathrooms being absolutely terrible
I liked Elsik in my time there, most of the teachers I had actually cared about our success past just High School.
Elsik High School is a good school, I love how they're handling COVID-19 and how prepared they are, the environment here is also very good.
It's a very active school with a #1 in the country soccer team and excellent music groups such as the Mariachi, Guitar, Choir, Bands, and Orchestras. The school partners with HCC to offer Dual Credit courses and also offers AP classes. It's a great school.
My overall experience with Elsik is great. I have wonderful friends and teachers and I am doing great in my classes. Sadly, I can’t say that for all of the Elsik students because I know a lot of them are struggling and the administration are not any help. I’m mostly saying it’s average on behalf of the students.
Teachers are really good, they try to help however they can but the students voices are never heard especially with the principal. My school has no school spirit because events are never carried out the way we want just what the principal thinks is right. There is a lot of diversity at Elsik which i appreciate. Counselors hardly ever take the time to ask you what is genuinely wrong and that bothers me because that's actually their job.
Personally my experience at Elsik High School was fine. If you go to school to learn, and do what you have to do, it will fly bye. There are some pretty cool teachers there as well. I have learned that the more you focus on yourself and your education, school will be a walk in the park.
At first I was really scared because I had no idea what's with this school. The teachers, staffs and students are nice some of them helped me. They are complete with the supplies that you might need or they can provide what you don’t have.
Diversity is key. Elsik taught me that everyone is different and just because a person isn't raised like you or thinks like you, doesn't mean you can't come together and learn with each other. The teachers care about you and your education. The opportunities you get when taking pre-AP classes are limitless. They prepare you for college and give you a chance to go above and beyond. The relationship you build with your peers are ones that last for a lifetime. C/O 2013.
Elsik was a good school, I met amazing people there. some teachers actually take their job seriously.
The best part about Elsik is the diversity. In my four years I have been privileged to experience different cultures through the eyes of my friends. There is a saying that in life you have two families, one that you are born into and one that you make. At Elsik I was able to make a family that allowed me to broaden my world view exponentially.
It was a very extreme time when it comes to the social part of Elsik because it’s very diverse and the teachers are koo
It is a good one. The rights of students equally represented and we are assured of our safety in the school. It has enough equipment and facilities to help learning more fun and resourceful. We wre also required to follow rules and regulations which guides the principles of the school. It is orderly and self satisfactory.
Elsik is a great school but some changes must be make. Most restroom door at elsik Is broken, and need more school regulations many students do illegal thing at school like smoking and do many sexually things during school hours.
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Elsik High School is a very diverse and interesting environment. There is a diverse amount of students and staff and we all come with our own stories to tell. It is far from new but we do have up to date programs. The environment that the students and staff create is different than other districts. At times, the school or population might seem “ghetto” but each student comes with their own stories and struggles. Over the course of my high school years, I have experienced many interesting events and met people from all cultures. I have made great friends and enjoyed my time in Elsik.
I loved the way teachers treated the atidents, I personally sis not have any complaints about my teachers in Elsik high school, all you needed to in class was listen and obey instructions and you would not get on the bad side of any one and even if you didnt do your work, some teachers would try to encourage you rather than treat you as an outsider. I resumed Elsik high schooltowards the end of 11th grade and nlt once did I feel like an outsider. The only thing I kind of had issue with was the food, sometimes it came out good and sometimes it wasn't good , it was bearable but not good.
Elsik High School is a different environment compared to other schools. It is a diverse community with a lot of opportunity. The school has been nothing but good to me with supporting teachers who help aid us to go to college. The administration provides a great amount of college opportunities for all students, it just depends on the individual if they want to take a apart of. All the resources are given to us by the staff in order to be college ready. Beyond of what others say about the Alief community, the school shows great promise to me.
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