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The courses and tests are kind of hard, but they really challenge us to get good grades and be the best that we possibly can. My school averages very high scores on the ACT and other standardized tests. I would recommend going here because there are many different opportunities and classes to choose from to make a high school student feel like they belong.
I liked my school. I loved the environment and how well they help the students to be successful. They have helped me to be very prepared for college. The environment made me feel safe and happy to be there. There are a lot of kind students, and I enjoyed going there.
Elkhorn served me well in academics. The teachers are all sociable and enjoy interacting with their students. Most of them will take extra time to get to know their classes and have more personal conversation with the kids who come through their doors. The curriculum was tough, but I came out of the district with more competency than most young adults.

My only complaint is that Elkhorn tends to be statistic heavy. They want good numbers for ACT scores and honors/AP courses, so they push that agenda on the students they see promise in. For those who don't fulfill that role, they greater administrative body pays little attention to them.
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Elkhorn South High School is an overall average high school. However, I would like to see the budget for the arts program increase, since the arts program is a program that needs significant funding to be successful, and right now, the arts program is being looked over when it comes to the budget.
Very great school. It goes above and beyond to teach, and provides all the materials necessary to be a success!
Elkhorn South was a great high school. Clubs and athletics are great, while still providing an engaging academic environment.
Elkhorn South is a very good high school with teachers and a building that is very nice and well kept. The teachers are mostly equipped with good resources and a significant amount of time is dedicated to ACT and college prep. The school is fantastic for those who want to go to a four-year college and has many resources for it, but anything outside of that such as a trade or international school it has little to no resources. The staff is very occupied with its rank compared to other high schools, and this causes a lack of diversity. There are rarely more than 2 exchange students. The office's desire to focus on numbers alone rather than actually improving the school slows it down, but overall I was very lucky to attend a school with so many learning resources and great teachers.
It's a large school with a lot of opportunities to get involved. Teachers work hard to help each and every student. They work to make sure they are available when you need extra help. I've had a great time at ESHS!
Overall, the three years that I have attended Elkhorn South High School has been a very positive experience. The teachers do an outstanding job helping every single student excel in all of their classes, which is because they all are passionate about their job. The teachers at my school are always available to talk to and they make sure that every student feels welcomed. Elkhorn South has many extracurricular activities. Since there is such a variety of extracurricular activities it allows each student to be involved in something they enjoy doing. Our school spirit is indescribable. Many students show out to every sporting event and cheer on their classmates. There are so many great things about Elkhorn South and the community that I am surrounded by. I have loved my experience at Elkhorn South High School.
Wonderful school, Very academic with high standards to prepare you for college! Amazing staff and administration!
Many good teachers and I appreciated the focus on preparing for the ACT within the courses. I find that students considered the work rigorous enough to prepare them for college. However, I would disagree and say there is still a common discrepancy of workloads between high school and college work. However, it can still be rewarding to do well at this school. Many AP options are avaiable.
It was an average high school. The people weren't the nicest, but Elkhorn south was filled with amazing staff members, a good curriculum, lots of activities to get involved, and the faculty will definitely help prepare you for college.
I personally love Elkhorn South High School because they have done an excellent job in preparing me for college. At my high school, I have many supportive teachers who are willing and excited to work with me to full understand the content. I am always able to speak to my counselors when I feel anxious or need help with anything at all! The classes that are available have prepared me to follow my dreams of becoming a vet!
Elkhorn South provides a superior environment for students designed to develop the skills and character necessary for future academic achievements. Staff and administration are enthusiastic and dedicated to students' success. Parents are heavily involved which contributes to a culture of community and family.
It is a really nice school with all the usual cliques. Elkhorn South makes time spent in the day fly by. The teachers there want to make sure you are understanding the content.
I thought my experience at Elkhorn South has made me a more prepared and well-rounded student. Also they have given us all so many great academic activities.
Great learning, teachers, and clubs. Overall great, but getting over crowded and needs to expand parking lot.
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The staff only cares about keeping our grades up so we look good compared to other schools. They would sometimes force students to take harder classes so it would make us look better when compared to other schools in our state.
Elkhorn south has great teachers and it’s and academically great school! However, if you need any extra help or assistance it will rarely be given. We pride ourselves on being a college prep based school, however you hardly ever feel like it’s stuff that’s relevant to college.
The sports teams are good, however, they are favored students, and often lead the diversity and cultural problems.
As a queer woman, I am often called slurs in the halls, and somethings in front of staff and administrators.
We have some great clubs at south and I myself are involved in quite a few!! The required courses are often half taught and kids struggle through them, however, extra classes like music classes are stellar!
Elkhorn South is full of kids who have little morals and value for other people. The school is filled with drugs and backhanded bullying. No one is nice to anyone cause at the end of the day, everyone cares about themselves in that school. The lack of diversity has produced an overwhelming amount of racism. When you say the n-word, that does not make you or anyone else cool nor gangster. It makes you ignorant of the history behind the word. As a black student at Elkhorn South I don’t feel represented. In any class there is little mention of any other culture unless we are in a class where you are being taught a different language. And I know the school likes to focus mainly on academics but does it hurt learning about something culturally different?
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