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ECA offers an excellent and challenging academic atmosphere through a biblical world view. The teachers have been caring and supportive. They want students to meet their full potential and are their biggest supporters. The administration is knowledgeable. The elementary principal is amazing and has a wonderful academic vision.
I came to ECA in 9th grade. At first I found that the classes were harder than in the public school, but my parents were happy about that. It pushed me more. I really like that the teachers really care, the class sizes are smaller, they have competitive sports, and a Christian environment. I feel like ECA prepared my older brother (who graduated from ECA last year) for college.
Elkhart Christian Academy was such a positive learning environment. The classes were challenging and the homework load was sometimes difficult but the teachers helped you every step of the way, encouraging each and every student to put forth their very best effort. It was a place where you could be yourself and pursue what you wanted. I was heavily involved at ECA and enjoyed every club, team, and organization I participated in.
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I've been going since kindergarten and I have never had a problem with teachers students or administators. The classes are smaller so the teacher can spend more time with an individual rather than rushing through a lesson. I am involved in track and field also with a club football team which head coach is a math teacher at the school and there is plenty of support for sports and clubs such as robotics
There were lots of nice people who are willing to be your friend if you give them the chance. The teachers actually want to be there, and care about you. If you have a question, they can answer it in a way that you understand. Overall, it has a welcoming atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.
I love Elkhart Christian academy. The teachers and staff are always friendly and truly want the best for the students. The academics, sports teams, and overall atmosphere of the school is definitely inviting and Christ centered.
Teachers and staff are concerned for students and truly care about them in academics, as well as in extra-curricular activities.
I love my school, everyone is practically family to me. The only thing I would change about my school is to make it more diverse.
I have attended Elkhart Christian Academy since kindergarten. Now being a senior, I can look back and say I have only felt love from this school. Everyday, students are surrounded by caring teachers, friendly piers, and an atmosphere of compassion. I cannot express enough thanks to the teachers. They consistently pour into the lives of each student and genuinely care about their wellbeing. These teachers are passionate about education and their love of Christ. At ECA, creating, having, and growing a true relationship with God is the utmost concern. From this drive flows everything the school is established upon. I am proud to attend Elkhart Christian Academy.
It was an awesome experience. Real teachers, that really care. great kids and friends. I could have stayed an extra year but they prepared me so well. Bringing Christ into the school was awesome. the reach of God in our school was awesome.
I have always felt safe. Would be comfortable to leave my purse in the hall and know it would be there hours later.
You have to really want to get involved to be able to enjoy them. It takes work.
I genuinely love my school. It feels like a home to me. Sometimes it does get really hard to keep up with the high expectations but it is worth it in the end.
All the teachers care about you not only as a student but as a person. They always have your best interest at heart. They are always enthusiastic and are very extremely well qualified for the positions they hold
Our new principal has stepped up on all things security recently with making sure everyone knows the proper procedures and drills. I have never not felt completely safe.
I love the extracurricular activities! There are a several different options to choose from.
This school is unique because it is small. Because it is small, it has more of a close atmosphere. I have an excellent group of friends that I know I can rely on.
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I love the teachers at my school. It is an amazing privilege to be able to go to a Christian school because all of the teachers genuinely care about the futures of their students.They are all knowledgeable and and and hardworking. I feel genuinely prepared for life outside of high school because of my teachers.
Seems safe. They keep the doors locked.
Plenty of choices, but finding the time to participate is a different story.
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