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Everybody in Elk Grove High School is very friendly and they are open to talk about anything. The teachers are very kind and they always find time to help a student if they are struggling with something. Everybody is in a positive mood and there is a lot of school spirit expressed by students and staff. The school offers a variety of classes to take. From Automotives, all the way to Japanese. There were a lot of advanced classes students could take, but also, there were classes where students could experience being in part of a work field and trying out what suited best for them. When it came to starting to look at colleges, counselors came into classes and guided students towards picking the right and best schools for them. Overall, I looked forward to going to Elk Grove High School every day to not just learn, but be around great people and being part of something special. #EGNATION
I honestly first didnt wantd to attend Elk Grove High School because I was going Rolling Meadows High School and I had friends there. After I came to Elk Grove didnt felt different it felt like I was there since my freshmen year. The diversity is so nice here there is lots of different races and cultures to learn from. Because Im also from an another country and its sometimes hard for us to get used to other place but Elk Grove is so nice about that Imean ofcourse you will see rude people as always they are everywhere but in Elk Grove it really feels like there is not really racism. Teachers are super nice and they help you in academic and personal ways.
I enjoyed my time at Elk Grove High School. The quality of my education could have been better, but the lasting memories and lessons that I have learned there are some that I will never forget.
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I enjoyed all of my classes as well as had good relationships with my professors. The overall school is great however the security is not as sharp as I expected it to be.
Overall, EG is a very diverse place. No matter what your goals are, they can be achieved with the help of a diverse staff and faculty.
I thought that the school did it’s very best to prepare you for college, the teachers always worked hard and the administrators and councilors, all worked hard and daily to get you prepared for graduation then college. The school constantly checks in on you and with presentations and just talking to the students they make it so you know what you want to do after high school and if you choose college you will be absolutely prepared for it. Elk Grove high school encourages all students to go to college
Elk Grove High School as a whole has allowed me to grow as a student, musician, athlete, leader, and friend. The teachers establish trust in students and bonds that I did not anticipate at all.
EGHS has a great support network that encourages students to perform well academically as well as getting involved as much as possible. The list of sports and extracurriculars the school offers is very inclusive. The school also offers the students the possibility of starting their own club/ organization. The counselors at Elk Grove High School are very helpful and resourceful. Most try to encourage capable students of taking AP classes and college courses which offers students a head start when and if they decide to continue their academic career at a college or University. EGHS also offers students retakes in case they didn't do well on their first exam/quiz/test. I believe that offering retakes is a flaw because redos in life are rarely available in higher education and in the workplace.
I have enjoyed my time at Elk Grove High School very much. Some highlights at Elk Grove are the exceptional Orchesis dance team, anything produced by the fine arts, and the school spirit we possess. I have been pleased with the teachers, counselors, coaches, and Principal Paul Kelly. He has created a warm, inviting environment and keeps himself very involved with the student life. One class that has influenced me in a positive way is Mr. Bush's Leadership Through Service class. He has taught me skills of leadership and finding myself that I will use into adulthood and my career. He has showed me the importance of giving back to the community whether that means collecting cereal, raking leaves, or raising money for St. Baldricks. All in all, Elk Grove High School has given me a wonderful four years that I would not take back.
Elk Grove High School is a diverse and welcoming community with many opportunities to get involved. The faculty does very well to expose the students to college ideas and prepare them for leaving high school. The school provides a comfortable and safe place for students to feel welcome. The school is clean and there are always improvements being made.
I enjoyed the motivation the teachers gave me. This is definitely going to hard, and challenging to move on, but I don’t think I ever will I have a lot of pride in where I come from, and I’ll always carry Elk Grove in my heart wherever I end up going to.
My experience with Elk Grove highschool was an amazing one. I transferred to Elk Grove my junior year and quickly realized it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The staff and teachers at Elk Grove made sure that my transition was smooth. Not only was my transition smooth, it was also very welcoming. Every single facility member and student treated me as if I had been in that district my whole entire life. The student were all so wonderful to me and I felt at home because the school is a very diverse school, unlike the other high school I went to which was 95% white. Elk Grove also has many sports and clubs which is perfect for transfer students because it allows you to meet new people fast. My overall experience at Elk Grove High School was so amazing, it prepared me for the real world and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
What I personally like about Elk Grove are the opportunities to get help when you need it, the access of tutors, and the wide variety of classes that are organized and matched to fit you for your career interests.
My high school experience has been very good and exciting for far. y high school really takes pride in students futures and really help and motivates us and that is what I appreciate the most. throughout my four years I have enjoyed my teachers, I take personally their amazing characteristics from each of them to help me become an adult and that is what I most adore about them the most.
I love that everyone wants the best for you. The staff truly wants for the students to succeed and to be ready for their future.
For the most part, I enjoyed my high school career. Elk Grove has great teachers that are very supportive. However, I felt that they did not prepare me for the rigours of college as well as they could have. I am very thankful for the AP classes I took during my junior and senior years as they greatly improved my writing skills and time management skills which I found very helpful now as a college student .
I like how Elk Grove cares about students education, they push and motivate you. The teachers that I’ve had are very kind and helpful. One thing I wish they would change are the off campus lunch
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The school is a very accommodating place with tons of resources available to ensure students well being. I've never felt unsafe in this school, and the teachers always make sure to make their students as comfortable as possible. The curriculum is up to date, and fits standards such as those of the College Board. The staff is all welcoming, but the deans are a tad bit harsh when it comes to dishing out suspensions. The schools vast resources allow it to have various classes centered around what students believe they want to do after graduation, whether it be trade school or higher education. The school has become a bit more restrictive, and various things have been taken out of practice such as late start Thursday, and open lunch to certain students. We also have a vaping problem at our school.
They provided so many sports and activities. You have the opportunity to try different things there. You build long lasting relationships with peers and teachers. This school gives you a chance to get college credit and help you sign up for scholarships.
The teachers are very flexible with their schedules and willing to stay after or come before school to give extra help. There is a mastery lab in the library with teachers and student tutors to help others on every subject throughout the school day and even open after school, sometimes until 6.
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