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I've been at Elite since 9th grade and it's been a smooth ride for the most part. There isn't any hidden class system, the school's upkeep is very good and the content we learn is challenging and rigorous. Elite also has extracurriculars outside of academics, so it doesn't always feel like it's mainly academic-based although the options can be limited at times such as in sports. There isn't much I would change except for disciplinary actions for teachers and more pathway/class options. The school is very new; however, I feel there could be much more done.
I enjoyed my experience at Elite Scholars Academy. Yes, the school only offers advanced classes, but they push students to do their very best. They encourage their students to go to their college of their choice.
Its a charter school for early college, its not so bad, but there are not many extra curricular activities, we resume earlier than other schools which sucks, its not really worth it.
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It prepares the student for college. The administration and staff give resource for the student to better themselves. Even though it majority a black school, it provides way for the student to view other cultures and learn from it. There is a good relationship between the student and staff. The administration and staff tries to make a connection between each student.
The school provides an overall advanced education plan for the students. It is by no means the best, but I do believe it's the best within Clayton County. However, since it is so small, it causes me to feel stifled and limited to high school experiences and various ideologies. Going there is something that does not make me happy.
Elite scholars Academy is indeed a challenging high school. However, with the help of other students, teachers, and staff members, excelling in your courses can be made easy. Elite Scholars prepares students for challenges that will come later on in life.
Overall this school is pretty good. Elite pushes its students to push beyond their limits, so that they can at their best. This a college preparatory school , so Ap classes are mandatory and can be challenging. This school is kinda strict on uniforms and certain polices which can be a good and bad thing.
Elite Scholars gave me a good challenge academically. The teachers constantly kept me on my toes and made sure we were always on track. Although, I would love to see more interaction between administrators and students.
Prepared me for everything I needed to get where I am today. Honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else but elite
I love my school. The environment is very welcoming and the staff always makes sure each and every student is okay. The workload is rigorous and it really challenges your mind. I feel that my school really prepares me for college readiness. We have many sports and clubs that you can be apart of and I really take advantage of this by being apart of many clubs. The facilities are brand new and allow for a better learning environment. I would not trade my school for anything in the world.
Elite Scholars is an early college magnet school that provides students with access to all honor courses and advanced placement classes. The school has very high expectations for each and every one of its students and they strive for the best every day. This school challenges students to reach their full potential and wants every student to attend their dream college in the future.
Elite Scholars pushed me academically ,but I didn't get a real highschool experience due to it being a small strict school. Also the school doesn't really care for sports so the support sydtem is low but the people you meet are worth it. Along with the administration, they care for our future and will go out of their way to make sure you reach and accomplish your goals.
Elite Scholars Academy is a great school for academic and achievement performance. This school offers a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses and requires a lot of hardwork and dedication from us students. I feel that I am very blessed to be accepted in such a rigorous school because everyone doesn't get the oppurtunity that I have had. Overall, the school itself it well maintained and the diversity amongst it allows for me to feel welcome and safe!
I have been attending Elite Scholars Academy for 4 years now. The administration is extremely strict on the uniform. The courses are very rigorous and many AP courses are offered; college courses have been easier for me than Elite classes. The school also incorporates a lot of sports so that the school is not solely based on academics; it is well rounded. Sports offered include basketball, soccer, tennis, swim, and track. Unfortunately, elite does not offer football. The teachers are usually strict on work and deadlines, and sometimes understanding. In terms of diversity, students at elite are mainly minorities, since the school is located in Clayton County. Clubs offered include anime club, Beta Club, Academic decathlon, and more. Parent involvement in the school is extremely high.
School only for academics more or less. Prepares students to be academically ready for their next venture
The staff have high expectations for student success, but they also provide a great deal of support. This is a very positive environment where the focus is on high perormance.
I attended this school for most of middle and all of high school. The main focus is on academics and no so much sports. Although they do have some decent sports teams, the goal is to strive and exceed on tests. If you had to ask me, this school prepares you for college and what to expect. Dual enrollment is an option as well, if you want to get a head start on your college education while still taking high school courses. Some of the things I'd like to see change is the fact that sports should matter a bit more than they do now and giving students more of a high school experience. You still get one; it's just not your traditional experience.
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Elite Scholars Academy is a great school for academic achievement and performance. However, if you are not consistent and diligent in your schoolwork you will fall behind. Elite offers Honors and Advanced Placement courses which are very rigorous. One advantage I enjoy about Elite Scholars Academy is the dual enrollment program where you can start as early as the 10th grade, this gives you the opportunity to earn your Associates Degree by the time you graduate. You also aren't just exposed to the high school experience, but also the college experience while your still in high school.
Elite Scholars Academy allows students to be academically challenged to their highest potential. The school is relatively small with not as many teachers, but the community is well knitted, and students can connect better with the staff and teachers. I really appreciate the safe environment Elite Scholars Academy provides to its students. One thing I hope to see more in the future is more club and extracurricular activities.
Elite Scholars Academy is a wonderful high school. The teacher and staff are their to support students, and the small class size allows for 1 on 1 interaction with teachers. The school is one big community made to over prepare students for college so they can excel in their future endeavors.
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