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Great school. Pre-K to high school was big factor in our decision to enroll our daughter. 10 years into her education and she is thriving. Strong academics, sports, and exposure to the arts have been critical in her development. Encourage anyone assessing educational options to reach out to school and visit the campus, you will not be disappointed.
We were looking around for a good school for a while and when we visited Elgin Academy the first time we knew it was the one. The friendly admissions director brought us around unannounced to various classrooms and let us ask teachers and students any questions we wanted. I had never in my life seen students and teachers so enthusiastic to share what they were learning! Of course we wanted that for our daughter so we enrolled her immediately and never looked back. So far it has been an amazing experience compared to her previous school and we couldn't be happier.
We are in our 7th year at Elgin Academy and continue to highly recommend this great school to all our family and friends! My daughter really loves all the specialty classes, but especially the outstanding Music, Art and theater programs. The relatively smaller class sizes and great diversity provides just the right balance for her, always stressing tolerance and compassion. Every teacher is an all-star and always gets to know everything about our daughter. The involved parent community is always generous and supportive. It feels great to know we have found the right place that will help her develop and be the best version of herself all the way through high school!
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When our son was born my wife and I instantly had one goal in life – to provide him the best opportunities. The decision for an Elgin Academy education was clear. No school has the 181 years of history or the college campus type quad with historical buildings. From preschool to 14 years later – our son has become a well-adjusted and successful Junior. His future is bright – he and his fellow student friends will change our world. They are the hope for a brighter future for us all. Elgin Academy breeds success. This is evident in the success I have seen in the students currently at school and those who graduated over my past 14 years going on to unimaginable heights. The friends our son has made at school and other alumni will be there to help in his success whenever he needs throughout his life. The only way to understand the value of an Academy experience is to visit old Main and the on campus museum. Then, sit in some classrooms and see where the real magic takes place.
We have had several children attend EA. We never planned on sending our kids to a private school, but our public schools were over crowded. The tuition was an investment in our kids' future. All three kids got great college scholarships. The college counseling far exceeded anything we would've gotten in the public schools. Each of our kids had differing needs, challenges, desires, and goals. The faculty, staff, and administration made sure they knew our kids. They challenged them where they required challenging. They supported them where they needed support. We never planned on paying for elementary, middle, and / or high school education--but when you only have one chance to get it done right, EA is the place to do it. NO regrets.
Elgin Academy was awful please don’t send your kids there my science/ math teacher spit on a kid fell asleep and through a boys chair down and they don’t discipline students because they need their money a girl who called another student the n word got one day people there are toxic and kids yelled bad words at me and teachers knew and did nothing save your money and time DO NOT GO TO EA!!
Great school ..we've been there 13 years and no regrets ! Wonderful community of supportive teachers and staff. They've been able to accommodate us really well when needed. Very pro-active & hands-on approach to learning.
Not a place that values integrity or that lives its mission. If those values are irrelevant to you, then maybe it is the place for your children. Otherwise, stay away.
EA is a great school and has so far provided an excellent learning atmosphere and experience. I'd recommend EA to any parent looking to send their child to a private school.
I love the small class sizes and discussion based classes. They helped me become more involved in the learning process and I’m so thankful that we have teachers who give each of us a voice in the classroom.
I have thoroughly enjoyed all my 4 years at this school. I came here for high school and am glad I did. Something that has stuck with me from my basketball coach is that at a small school like EA you get opportunities that students at larger schools do not get to have. This is something unique and utilized at EA and I'm glad to be luck enough to go to such a prestigious school.
Academically, Elgin Academy is very strong. Classes are usually engaging and involve a great deal of conversation.
In the high school, each grade has about 30 kids in it. Halfway through the school year, everyone is tired of each other. I am usually bored after about 4 months. You are forced to interact with the same few people every day. The athletics are very bad; you'd be lucky to win 4 games in one season. We are by far the worst in our conference and will most likely remain at the bottom. The buildings, with the exception of the Ryder Center, are old and don't function well for a school environment.
I wouldn't recommend anybody to go to EA for high school unless they struggle socially in a larger environment. Your social life will be limited. Parents; don't send your kids here for upper school, it is not worth the high tuition cost and your kids will be bored and wanting a larger environemnt.
This place is absolutely volatile. I've been here two years and have yet to find a single happy student-- just a bunch of spoiled brats all miserable with each other. The kids are all wholly lazy and uneducated, too, but who cares if they're remedial and stupid when their parents can just donate 10k to the annual fund and buy them a 4.0 GPA in the process! The administration is weak and absolutely spineless. I've heard of rape, bullying, hard drug use, racial attacks and all kinds of horrible crimes happening at this school. All were reported and none were punished. Every kid here knows they can get away with absolutely anything they want, because the school is completely broke and NEEDS their tuition-- therefore will not discipline them and risk losing donations from that family and certainly will not expel anyone.
The best private school around! The atmosphere is amazing, teachers are amazing as well as staff. My daughter has been attending since pre-school best decision we made.
No diversity, they seem to be very aware of the school not being so diverse and is okay with the lack of diversity.
Elgin Academy is a wonderful school with a variety of people. The teachers genuinely care about their students and are passionate about what they teach. I don't think I've ever felt so at home anywhere else!

The athletics are great not because we're star teams, but because of the Pack. The Pack is a group of students who go to several events (sports, concerts, or plays) and cheer on their peers. Even people who don't necessarily get along come together during these times. When the girls' basketball team got to sectionals last year, EVERYONE showed up! I've never heard such an amazing crowd!
I love Elgin Acadmy. I graduated from there and served as a camp counselor there which has been the most valuable experience in my entire life. I would eventually love to become a teacher there.
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My son joined Elgin Academy as a Freshman. In the four years that he attended, he learned what his passion was through dedicated teachers that mentored him and gave him unique opportunities to advance his skills.

Elgin Academy's college counseling program is stellar and supported my son through the entire process. Student can visit a number of colleges with the school during trip week their Junior year. The students also meet weekly with their college counselors to support them in researching, applying and accepting their college. My son was accepted into his choice college and is thriving in the environment.

We could not have been happier with our decision to send our son to Elgin Academy.
I have had a wonderful experience at Elgin Academy. The EA faculty have pushed me to put in my best effort in all my assignments, and to challenge myself to go beyond what textbooks can teach me. The difficult, but beneficial curriculum in the high school has thoroughly prepared me for college. I have received a phenomenal education here at Elgin Academy. I personally think Elgin Academy could have a bit more diversity. I just feel that diversity in a school is important, so that students are constantly surrounded by different kinds of people, with different personalities, backgrounds, and upbringings. I think this would have enriched my experience at Elgin Academy even more. That being said, EA is still a top-notch college preparatory school, and I sincerely recommend it to other students.
Wonderful school. I was actually educated and prepared for college. The class sizes are small, it's like a big family!