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El Toro High School is an amazing school for academics and sports however, school spirit isn't very high, especially at football or basketball games. The bathrooms are a large complaint at El Toro because they are run down and seemingly not clean looking. Overall, the teachers are all very helpful and the student body has great energy that is pleasing to be around.
El Toro High School has a rigorous academic program with great teachers who help to prepare students for both college and advanced course exams.
Outstanding school! As a student I really enjoy going to school. One thing I might would want to change is the bathrooms!
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El Toro allowed me to prepare for college by teaching me how to be more responsible and use my time wisely. I loved being a part of the instrumental music program. Some teachers could have been better at providing more one on one time with students that need it
El toro high school has brought along some of the best memories I have, I met some of my closest friends there and am very grateful for it. Though it has its goods it like any other school does have downsides. Particularly how they respond to the stress level of students there.
El Toro High School provides a great experience in regards to school events, academics, and clubs. Club rush is a favorite of mine and it's nice to see students promote their ideas and passions with others. Academically, the high school offers AP classes and encourage many students to take them. School events like pep rallies were also enjoyable and it is easy to easy that the ASB tries hard to give students the best experience. My El Toro High School experience was most fun because of the extracurriculars, which in my case was joining the music program. I think it would be nice to see ETHS promote their performing arts department more just like the sports events. Being in the music program made my experience a lot more wholesome and enjoyable. Rather than spending all my time focusing on my studies, I had time to de-stress through extracurricular events.
My high school experience went smoothly and was happy with my four years after graduation. El Toro made sure to involve the students in lots of fun activities and really made sure that each student was allowed time to express any questions or concerns to the staff of counselors. Mandatory one on one sessions were enforced making sure students were aware of their grades or their behavior and to make sure everyone was on track for graduation. I had great relationships with my teachers who I still visit on occasion and felt like my presence was welcomed and that I was able to recive any help knowing I would ge the bes response.
It's a great 4 year experience throughout my high school. I enjoyed my highschool here. the administrators are cool and the teachers are awesome. I highly recommend this school if you're looking to juts chill throughout high school. The AP courses are great, but it is limited.
I think El Toro High School is a very standard school. The most important aspect is the education and their education seems fine to me. There are obviously things that could get better such as remodeling and higher technology, but other than that it’s a good school
I liked El Toro High school. The teachers here are a hit or miss. It's either they are amazing or they aren't so good. If the teachers are amazing, they provide us with all the tools needed for college. Sadly, El Toro isn't very spirited so that is one thing I would change about it. Other than that, El Toro is an amazing school overall.
El Toro is a good offers a lot of AP classes and has many teachers that are dedicated to helping their students succeed. There are also teachers that spending time in the class every day can seem like a waste of time. Overall, there are lots of opportunities if you look for them.
El Toro High school has a very engaging and unified community with lots of school spirits. ASB is constantly involved in getting more people to participate in class activities. The academics are excellent and have course available at any level for students to take.
I had some great teachers, I had some bad teachers. The school definitely treats some students better than others, but nothing to egregious. Also, the school is constantly going through changes!
I enjoyed the atmosphere of El Toro, I also really enjoyed the connections I was able to make with my teachers as well as fellow students
El Toro High School is a great school! It gave me the best of both worlds with athletics, academics, and fun!! I was able to be involved with athletic and events while still being able to take challenging classes and get all my work done. I was involved in soccer all 4 years and i joined many clubs and events along the way. I also ran and was voted into asb my senior year! Asb has been one of my favorite parts of high school!! I have made so many lifelong lasting friendships and have gotten so much closer to my graduating class as a whole!! I love El Toro and all the spirit and fun we have all while earning a great education and preparing for life after high school!
All four years I think I only talked to my counselor 3 times. They’re not really involved or worried about individual students and what is going on with their education plans for after high school unless there’s a problem you go to them about. I wish I had more resources about applying for college and scholarships.
El Toro is a great School with awesome teachers who truly care about their students. We have a study hall daily to encourage students to get help from their teachers. There are plenty of AP classes offered at El Toro. The buildings are a bit outdated but there is construction going on to redo the buildings. The bathrooms are kinda dirty and don't have mirrors. Overall, El Toro high school is a great school.
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My experience at El Toro High School was good. Most of the teachers actually teach and some do care about their students. One thing I feel they should improve are the facilities and upgrading to new software.
What I liked about El Toro is the late start on Mondays. It was an easier transition from the weekend. What I would want to see changed is the way the teachers teach their students. When I went to school here tutorial was after second period, which was a time to do homework or study. Half of the time I had nothing to do and the thirty minutes was wasted.
El Toro High is a very unique school. There is a lot of diversity and not one person I know of isn’t afraid to speak their mind. Overall it has been a good experience for me and has prepared me in some way for college.
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