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For academics and college prep, this is an excellent school. I am not stressed at all for college applications because of all the help and resources provided. The school takes college very seriously and encourages students to prepare as early as freshman year. For the overall experience so far and student life, I have always had a supporting friend group with me even though it changes a lot. People in this community are fun and take life seriously. What I love about this school is that people are so open-minded and can have fun but still care about their school performance. The teachers are also amazing. I love all of my teachers as they have funny kind personalities and genuinely care about the students individually. Shout out to Mr. Tacsik and Mrs. Kadonaga. I’m sure my final year as a senior this year will be the best experience a senior could have.
I transferred to El Segundo High School as a junior. I had never felt more welcomed before my the staff and students. I did not feel like a new student, I felt as if I had known all these people for years. I loved the school spirit., There was never a time when students did not fill up the student section and parents volunteered at every sports game and supported the teams. If I ever had questions about schoolwork my counselor was always there to answer them for me and the teachers never hesitated to try their best to help me out. I was incredibly grateful to transfer to a school as great as El Segundo and met so many amazing friends and learned so much within the past two years that I attended the high school.
I loved how supportive and understanding teachers are. The school really feels like home right when you step on campus. Sports are always fun and ASB does a good job at putting on fun activities. I would say people can get pretty clicky though, so they should try to make more inclusive events.
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The school has a ton of school spirit and everyone is proud to be an El Segundo Eagle. All the teachers make sure you pass and they give students a chance to be creative and think outside of the box. There’s a place for everyone to feel like they fit in. The facilities for the visual and performing arts could be better but the programs are great.
Amazing school with a positive environment. In my four years of attending the school, I felt supported by the teachers and felt prepared to enter college. I felt very safe on campus and met very nice students. The only improvement would be that the school improves the diversity of the school. Majority of the student population is white.
I love my school! They provide us many opportunities to get involved, which is special considering the relatively small student body (1,200 students). This size school allows us to become close with our teachers and administrators.
The school offers four PLTW pathways: business, art, biomed, and engineering. This provides great opportunities for students to explore possible career paths.
El Segundo High school is an amazing high school in the lovely small city of El Segundo. It is an extremely safe neighborhood with excellent facilities and instructors. Not once did I question the quality of my education from the school. One thing of note however, is the school is not very diverse. There are many backgrounds present, but it is a very white majority school.
El Segundo a High school is a safe place to learn and be yourself. This school isn’t overly large with only 1200 students, so it’s easy to get to know people. The classes available can have very difficult curriculum, but electives such as Biomed and Media Design give students the chance to explore careers. I would like to see more students involved in clubs and the community with more opportunities for community service.
El Segundo High School is what I would say an above average public school experience. Great spirit.. Administration is a little difficult to work with. College readiness could be approached better.
This school has an excellent curriculum and provides a variety of classes for its students. Students are able to choose from a selection of different electives and the staff is well-equipped for their positions.
Such a great environment with amazing students and staff. It is a small class and some what close knit.
Small town community makes everyone friends, culture and school spirit are off the charts! Has many specialized programs and opportunities for a small school.
Feel like the school just wants you to get into a good college for their stats, even if it’s not necessarily the right fit for you. Same with the classes. Teachers are relatively nice and know what they’re doing, except for a select few.
El Segundo High is a great school to get its students college ready. By being in such an inclusive exciting tight community, they incorporate many events and activities for students and families to enjoy. They provide exceptional academic courses and all in all provides a great education. One thing that I would like to see change is more investment in the sports, clubs, and pathways. A lot of programs have to fundraise themselves with little to no help from the school so I would like to see that improve.
El Segundo High School has some amazing programs including their Biomedical and Engineering Pathways. They do not focus on social sciences as much as they should. Some teachers are super amazing at the school and others are not the best. Overall the experience at ESHS is satisfactory.
El Segundo High School is in a very safe community and is one of the top schools in the US. Wonderful staff, excellent performing arts department and lots of activities.
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El Segundo High is an inclusive place that values creativity and forward-thinking. Students are dedicated to their studies and faculty typically make sure they are always available to their students. Everyone is friendly and the small-town vibe is definelty part of what makes El Segundo High so unique.
A safe and basic quite town to live in, the homes are close by and all things are walking distance. Students have alot of access to help in classes through out the week. The district wants to put a fence around the school that is known for its walk on campus and has many film projects. Students do take advantage of the schools not so strict rules but that is based on parenting. The students need more order.
My family grew up in El Segundo. Like myself, my mother and father, uncles, aunts and siblings all attended El Segundo High School. By the time I had attended ESHS, all of the teachers and faculty knew me by my last name. It was an amazing experience.
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