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The teachers care for the students. The food is constantly improving. The staff is helpful. The technology is often used and extremely helpful.
Decent high school, teachers are good depending on the class difficulty. Most teachers are nice and caring. Sports are good with amazing coaches that really care for you.
The teachers I've had here are absolutely amazing & empathetic, but the counselors are sometimes pretty rude & lack basic empathy despite being a counselor. The campus is kept clean and the atmosphere is nice to be in. The school spirit is lacking in most areas and the default schedule (pre-COVID) wasn't necessarily ideal for students who took multiple rigorous courses. Overall, a nice school & nice experience.
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The overall high school experience was satisfactory. The teachers do hold the best interest at hand when it comes to the student's education. However, the material being taught in classes wasn't relevant to college expectations.
I like that El Monte High School is a very welcoming place. The teachers and staff are very kind. However, one area in which I would like to see change is more funding in performing arts classes.
Most of the teachers at this school are very passionate about their jobs but even those who are and those who aren't don't provide much education for the class which leads kids to not do as well as they should during AP classes and essentially wasting a year's worth of education.
I enjoy how everyone minds their own business. You can be yourself at school. There's always going to be people that judge you, but seeing other students be themselves gives me the confidence to be myself. I'd like to see all clubs get recognition. The only clubs/sports that get recognition are football and cheer and leos and laurels who I personally feel like don't make a positive impact on the school. I think that each club should get their own page in the yearbook instead of just a little picture of the members of the clubs all the way at the back of the book. If sports get to have their own page, why can't clubs? Students enjoy sports and get to be themselves in sports, but who said that those in clubs didn't feel that way about their club?
The experiences I witnessed at El Monte High School in the past four years has left an impact on me as both a student and person. Being in a school with a diverse pool of students has left me to appreciate how different the world will be after high school. The interactions I've had with faculty and students will be forever cherished since I learned a great amount about life and whats yet to come. I learned to always be yourself whenever put into an environment that I am not comfortable in and to speak up about something that I know is not right. My experience at El Monte High School has taught me many lessons, however, the biggest one being to not hesitate when I should act on something I know will change my life for the better.
The staff at El Monte High School makes you feel welcome. They love and care for each and every student. Every staff member pushes the students to their full potential. They created an amazing school environment for student and parents.
I am currently a sophomore at El Monte high school and it is a good school overall. The education and what is taught is very good. There are many amazing teachers that truly do care about the students and would like them to have a future. The teachers are very encouraging and great. However, when it come to sports, some are cared about more than others. There is a lot less funding for some and they aren't really looked at when they are also great programs. I do like how there are many clubs and something for everyone.
one of the best schools in the district. Everything about it you'll like. Amazing staff and you'll meet good people there. Good at sport as well at the high school that I went to.
My experience at El Monte High School was the best I had good teachers who understood that some students have different ways of processing learning materials and did not rush any of the other students to have the same process as any other class.
The History, English and Foreign language departments have by far the best teachers who actually care for their students, however, I just wish students would take their class serious.
I love the involvement and support that comes from ALL the staff, everyone has moral standards of respect towards others. I wish their was more food options for vegans because there is only a variety of options for vegetarians and carnivores only. My only vegan option is salad.
El Monte high school is an amazing school. Although not being one of the wealthiest , it offers a lot of opportunities such as amazing sports teams or programs to help you prepare for college.
El Monte High School presented many ups and downs, but overall the environment was very encouraging in educational growth.
I like that we have so much support from many different teachers and our counselors. We have many others that help lead the way to college and give us many resources, and tips. It also feels really safe to be there, I've never felt unsafe being there everyday. Something that I wish could change is the lack of mental health, and the way that they deal with because many students have it but never come forward about it.
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El Monte High school is the only high school I attended but I did love my time there. There is an abundant amount of resources for college readiness. However, the adminstration seemed to favor those who made the school look better than those he kept to themselves. The elements of fun the many yearn for in their high school experience seemed to be missing. In the end, what we did not have was made up in friendships and good times.
What I like about El Monte High School is how everyone is so supported of each other and how well everyone gets along. Also how teachers are so supportive of their students in order for them to achieve success.
Overall, El Monte High School is an amazing school. From the outside, it does not look like much, but the experiences and wonders inside its school gates are what counts. First, the staff is incredibly helpful. Throughout my four years of high school, I've had countless teachers that have helped me with my education and pushed me to become a better student. For example, my current chemistry teacher is almost always there after school to help me with problems I don't understand, and he always responds calmly and thoroughly. Secondly, the school provides a lot more for the students than the students realize. The school offers a free SAT weekend program for Juniors and even gives them necessary supplies such as a binder, pencils, and an SAT practice book. Finally, the music and arts program is excellent too as our award-winning band and choirs create amazing concerts every year for students to enjoy. My experience at El Monte High School was amazing and truly unforgettable.
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