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El Camino Real Charter High School Reviews

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The school is in a safe and good neighborhood. Academics are a strong point with a lot of opportunities for sports and arts as well. Some teachers are not thorough or vigorous enough to prepare us for college.
El Camino Real was a very great school. It provided computers to all its students. ECR might need better newspapers because we don't really hear about them.
I started at El Camino Real Charter High School in the tenth grade. I transferred here having no friends or groups to be apart of. I eventually found life long friendships and fun clubs to be apart of. This school is very diverse in its students and personalities. El Camino has a variety of clubs and activities to be apart of. The teachers here are interesting though, some very unfocused and it seems some do not care much about teaching. However, I still have had a handful of teachers that genuinely care about their students. A great resource at ELCO is the college office. Ms. B and MS. Y are amazing people and very nice to talk to. Also, the opportunity for students to take on leadership roles in student government and the college office is great.
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I really enjoyed my overall experience at El Camino. I feel that my education was greatly furthered and my thirst for knowledge was fostered by the many excellent teachers I had.
My Experience at El Camino Real High School was a pretty good high school experience and it was a very fun 4 years
It was a great school to be part of and most teachers were passionate with what they taught. It was very diverse and all faculty and staff supported all students.
I have had a pretty good overall experience and El Camino. I have enjoyed the three years that I went there and I definitely learned a lot. One thing I strongly believe should change is the amount of effort some teachers put into one student as opposed to others.
lack of creative outlooks. focused strictly on sports and academics. the principle would restrict senior events due to academic scores of state wide tests. use schools money to fund football field.
El Camino Real Charter High School gave me an overall good educational experience. I learned a lot throughout my 4 years of high school and have grown as a learner. It is in a good neighborhood and was very clean. However, the environment gave me very mixed opinions. There would always be drug issues at the school between students as well as a lot of drama between the staff that the students would find out about. For example, one of the teachers was fired because he was in an adult film. Another example is when another staff member was fired for stealing money from the school and our charter was being reconsidered by the state. These are things students don't need to know about and could potentially corrupt our education. Like most others it didn't, but it is something to keep in mind when looking for a school to attend.
Personally, I had a great experience at El Camino Real Charter High School. Most of the teachers are really great, while others can be unfair and unreasonable. A lot of the teachers there will make sure you understand what you are learning and they will really help you understand or find resources for you. The students are pretty friendly and I don't think I ever saw anyone get bullied, so I would say bullying isn't a huge issue. A huge issue there would be the nicotine that goes around because kids are getting hooked and the school doesn't really do much to make sure it never happens again.
Definitely an AMAZING high school. El Camino prepares its students for their future careers and lives through academics and athletics.
El Camino made my high school experience fantastic. The school offers a plentiful and diverse selection of AP Courses and has teachers who truly care about the students. I was involved in Student Government which offers a variety of events for students to get involved in. Overall - the school was not very spirited though, however, student government did make an effort to provide the opportunity for students to get involved. Excellent sport programs and other extracurriculars.
I am a senior at El Camino Real Charter High school, this school has a great diversity, good math and science program. It has clubs for students who want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. An amazing place to learn, it provides good programs for student athletes and help a lot in finding a good college
The school is well-rounded. Many Advanced Placement and honors classes are available. Also, many sports are offered.
El Camino Real Charter High School is not a school for lazy kids. With almost four thousand students, it is easy to lose track of your goals. However, if you are hard-working, determined, and study well, then it is the school for you. Most of the teachers are known for truly caring about their students and getting help is never a problem. With such a large amount of students, comes a large amount of clubs and activities. There is always something for everyone, whether it is political awareness club, physics club, or even zombie survival club.
I would like to see more educators taking bullying more seriously. Otherwise, it was a great school!
El Camino is academically and physically successful. I love the fact that all the teachers are close to the students. The cross country program is very successful.
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El Camino Real is an overall great school for anyone wanting to be thoroughly prepared for the next steps in life, for anyone wanting to have a school-spirited experience, and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in clubs, sports, and activities. While I think the some parts of administration need to be reviewed and replaced, overall the rest of the staff including teachers, counselors, and coaches work very hard to ensure an effective learning experience.
Teachers, at least within Honors and AP classrooms, are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. Outside of those classes, teachers struggle to handle classes or don't care. Campus is too small for the large student population. Administration sometimes maintains the school in a way that inconveniences students. Money is spent disproportionately on athletic programs.
amazing school full of thousands of kids and each and every kid is managed by the staff and teachers. all the classes are very well taught and the school enviornment is amazing. The athletic programs are top notch and very well coached
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