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Normally everybody thinks the school is only for bad kids but the reality is different and they helped me go to college.
The food is adequate but not fabulous or nutritious. It gets the job done. Sometimes lacks vegetarian options.
Not many EC alums move very far from the high school. Many choose to live at home and attend Mira Costa or Palomar for two years. Very few leave the state and most attend colleges nearby in Southern California
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El Camino is a very diverse campus. There are blacks, whites, latinos, pacific islanders, and asians. It's basically a meeting of the UN every day at school and we all get along cordially. There isn't a defined line between races. Everyone is welcomed and there aren't stereotypical groups. Not all the jocks are dumb and only into sports. Not all the nerds don't know how to talk to girls or wear glasses and plaid. It's really a dynamic group of people.
The principal really cares about making a nice and visually appealing learning environment. The guidance counselors have tons of kids under their care but make time for you as if you were one of five instead of one of three hundred. Bullying is not tolerated and fights are quickly split apart.
The buildings could use some paint, but overall very good.
Almost all of my experiences at this school are great.
I think that there are clubs at El Camino for everyone to join.
The food served in the cafeteria is always nice and hot.
At El Camino their are many diverse groups that you will notice.
Some gum on ground around school, but nothing to major.
The extracurricular are varied and many, with options for just about everyone.
Many students I knew (including myself) are attending either a university or community college with the plan to transfer. We were fairly well informed about college entrance requirements in terms of classes but more stress could have been given to how important extracurricular are to college admission. I don't feel like I know anything much about finances and getting a job.
Some of the teachers are fantastic and give wildly engaging lessons, while others give one example and expect students to understand the entirety of the homework (a problem prevalent in the math department).
This school is quite open minded and accepting as a whole, and I'd say it was rather more progressive than an average school would be.
The overall school experience was great because of my friends, teachers, and classes, and if I had to do it all again I would be sure to join more clubs and be more involved in school activities.
We have had our share of some graffiti in the bathrooms but it generally gets taken care of quickly.
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The school administration constantly changes and thus lends a rather unreliable feel to the school policies, which remain the same, though enforcement of certain issues may change with each new principal or dean.
The school offers general classes and a decent number of AP/Honors courses. The workload for most classes is medium on average, with some heavier and lighter periods.
The staff respond very quickly to any kind of threat and they make sure to contact students parents to give them a heads up on what is going on campus. Also, there is security to make sure that it is safe.
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