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Egg Harbor Township High School Reviews

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I recently moved to Egg Harbor Township High School this school year and while it has been great this school lacks opportunities. it's hard to get involved in clubs, due to the fact that most clubs are not active. The learning environment is great but it definitely is not the best most teachers fail to recognize that students have a short attention span and need to be introduced to new styles of learning, and not just taking notes.
My experience at Egg Harbor Township was great. I met amazing people and made connections with many teachers. The teachers are very resourceful and understanding. The whole school has excellent resources such as the library, the tutoring center, and involved guidance counselors.
I loved the diversity of Egg Harbor Township High school. I found that even though we had a mix of students, it was always a safe and nonjudgemental learning environment. In addition, the teachers were always there if students had problems.
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It was a very welcoming school which made moving from Puerto Rico feel a thousand times better. Not only that, they have amazing faculty and friendly people.
EHT was a pretty good school and brought a lot of experiences. There are a lot of good and supportive teachers as well as a variety of classes you can take. Overall was a fun time being there!
The faculty was always incredibly supportive and I felt that I received a thorough education at EHT. The Medical Science Academy was one of the biggest perks of the school, and I felt as though the program really prepared me for a career in high school. The school building itself isn't the most attractive and is very large, but the quality of education is great.
Egg Harbor Township Highschool is a great place for students with different aspirations. The school offers different programs for students intrested in law, healthcare, and film making. They have a wide range of language, preforming arts, computer, and culinary classes. Teachers make it a priority to help students with classwork and questions. I would like to see an increase in extracurricular activities available to students. Go EHT Eagles!
Going from small private schools to a big high school I figured that most teachers would be too busy to help me, but whenever I seek extra help they are always happy to make sure I understand.
I love all the helpful teachers and staff that allow us students to be educated and have a great future.
EHT offers a large variety of classes at different levels to match each students learning pace. The amount of students may seem overwhelming at first, but it gives you the chance to connect with so many potential new friends.
I would say that this school has been very accommodating and prepares us well for college. Many academic classes, programs, and a variety of clubs and sports are offered. Something I want to see change about it, though, would probably be more involvement of teachers when they see isolated students.
Aside from some of the rude staff and disgusting food, my experience was pretty well. There was more than enough clubs and activities to do with the school. Despite the size and amount of people in the school, you were able to make new friends and recognize each other passing in the hallways. Most of the teachers I've had are great and really care about you succeeding in their class. They can help you as much as they can, but it will end up being on you.
I personally enjoy Egg Harbor Township High School. I like the large variety of options of classes. We have many classes in the arts such as Ceramics and Choir. On the other hand, we also have many technology classes such as Computer Science. At Egg Harbor Township there is also a mesh of the arts and technology with classes such as Fashion Technology.
Egg Harbor Township High School is a wonderful school. A great building which was recently built. Also most of the teachers are very involved with their students and truly want the best for everyone. The best part about this school is all the academic opportunities that it provides. There are many problems to be involved in and challenging classes that meet everyone’s need.
EHTHS has a great range of classes to choose from. Anyone is able to learn many practical arts that may be useful in the real world. I would like to have more free time during the school day, because sometimes it is hard to transition from one subject to another. It is necessary for students to have a relaxed state of mind in order to enjoy the learning process. Another change that would be helpful is the desks and chairs in the classrooms. Being able to sit more comfortably and having more deskspace could positively affect the students posture and allow them to multitask.
I’m 17 years old and I attend Egg Harbor Towmship Highschool, this has to be the worst school ever. Our board of education is a complete joke they use facebook to hire teachers, Eht is disgusting, smelly, and absolutely atrocious. When you walk into school your first feeling should be i’m ready to learn, no not all you walk into eht with disgust
knowing you’re going to waste your time because the teachers are jokes like i said earlier they hire our fine pristine staff off of facebook. Lastly I would like to say if you had the choice to send your child to another school take it, if you send your child here they are guaranteed to be depressed for 4 years of their lives.
Teachers take an interest in students and invest in their learning and development. Teachers try their best, even if they have to go out of their way, to make sure that students are safe and are receiving the education that they deserve. Their curriculum constantly changes to meet the needs of students and to keep up with other schools around them.
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I love Egg Harbor Township High School!!! The teachers really cared about me and really got me ready for the next level. I like how they have different variety of courses we could take. Our facility is one of the best in south Jersey and I take pride in that because it’s my hometown, so I’ll take care of it. I felt very protected in that school they'll always be prepared for anything bad that came towards us. I played football, track and did wrestling, it brought a lot of character to me. However only thing I would change would be our school spirit, it’s there but not as much as it should. EHTHS is recommend school to attend because how great it was to me and others.
I really like the sports, specifically the wrestling program at Egg Harbor Township HS. I appreciate the teachers and diversity within the school. However, I believe the college readiness within the school could improve and become stronger. As a sophomore in college, I found that I was not as prepared as a should've have been the first year.
This school has a great environment. There are some parts of the school with "shady" areas, but the school was under construction recently. The size is large; it can be compared to a small college campus. The teachers are respectful and always willing to help. There is room to bond with every teacher. The faculty and board are considerate and open-minded.
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