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everything about Edmonds Woodway is great and the students and teachers are great and everybody gets along for the most part. I would like there to be fewer fights and drama at times can be an issue but it is always solved within the next couple days. The staff is pretty good and they are always will to help and make sure you are doing good and on track. And it is the same thing with the counselors here at my school and they always make sure you are on time and on track to graduate. the activities and sports are also great and it is always easy to make new friends because for the most part everybody is accepting and understanding of each other. And I do not think violence is never the answer in any way. I just can't wait to graduate but I am going to miss a lot of things about this school like the school dances and everything but I am just excited for a new and fresh start.
I love how everybody gets along and the sports are great and it’s easy to make new friends! Playing basketball there had been so fun and I’ve made friends very easily
Edmonds Woodway Highschool offered me the most ideal high school experience I could have imagined. Not only was it public enough to experience the world of diversity and multiple subjects, but the IB program was a challenge worth taking. I have been given and taken many opportunities to receive college credit for classes in the high school itself. Also, the school is very cooperative and has enough classes to fit what I deem worthy. I had a pretty extensive choice on what my schedule could look like. Altogether, Edmonds Woodway Highschool is by far the best school I have been to and I can't wait to experience what a college level school would be like with all the extensiveness of it and more choices.
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Overall I've had a rather enjoyable High School experience at Edmonds-Woodway. I haven't had one unreasonable or unfriendly teacher, and was eased into the High School experience via the kind, welcoming nature of peers on various sports teams. The IB program offers a rigorous experience for those who want it, while the Running Start program offers a unique college introduction, both of which prepare students of the rigors of post-High School academics.
The IB program as well as the music program have proved to have a very positive impact on my life. However, I believe that Edmonds Woodway is capable of creating a more welcoming environment for all types of students in the future.
I really loved attending Edmonds Woodway. While I had some reservations at first, transfering from a neighboring middle school, I really found my place in the school community. The teachers are awesome, and the IB program which is offered here is so beneficial. There are so many activities to get involved in with sports, clubs, and leadership. Although not perfect, this school has so much to offer!
I love Edmonds Woodway! All four years of my education have been fun and rewarding. My teachers are incredibly helpful and want their students to succeed, and the student body is considerate and respectful to eachother.
Edmonds Woodway High School is a very good school for education. Offering the IB and running start programs, further education is encouraged and supported. Edmonds Woodway is a very safe school, with a healthy learning environment that accommodates students of all backgrounds.
It's a competitive high school where most people take academics seriously. Homecoming is always fun though.
I am enjoying my time at EWHS. Music and Sports programs are great. Academically, I can only speak for IB program: it's demanding, but fun. There are few things I would fix in our school: we don't have computer science/computer engineering classes at all; physics is limited (at least we have physics to some degree). Counsellors are sometimes overworked and not available.
Edmonds-Woodway is a wonderful school with a great faculty and one of the most unique and motivated student bodies. I have an amazing time getting my education and making connections. As a candidate of the full IB diploma, I can say that it is what makes this school so academically rich and ahead of others. The only donwside I can comment on is how impactful your teachers are on your grades and education. Sometimes it feels as if you're trying to compete for A's with other students instead of actually trying to learn information about a particular subject, as there can be multiple teachers teaching the same exact subject. The teaching styles of these teachers need to be more coordinated and worked out to make the education aspect more equal.
I had a wonderful time at Edmonds Woodway High school throughout my my four years. Things I liked about EWHS is how the teachers are so helpful and made sure that every student is on the right track. I would like to to see the freshman classes to mature up when they enter high school, because every grade counts in high school and it is very important they do everything correctly.
The IB program at Edmonds-Woodway is the main focus when it comes to academics. Great staff and teachers!
Overall good school. I think that the highlight of the school for me has been the music program. It is truly excellent.
Edmonds Woodway has allowed me to pursue my academic potential. Thanks to Edmonds Woodway, I have been fortunate enough to be able to participate in the highly advanced International Baccalaureate program, which has been an extremely fulfilling experience for me. It also has an excellent music program. I have participated in band for three years, and I have had a wonderful time doing so. I feel prepared for college thanks to our wonderful Career Center. They have helped me be aware of scholarships I wouldn't otherwise know of. All of my teachers I have had in the IB Program have been excellent, however, before I was in the IB Program, that was not always the case. Still, I have had an overall positive experience at Edmonds Woodway High School and would recommend it to motivated students who want to pursue an International Baccalaureate diploma.
I have enjoyed at this school and have found it interesting that we have a variety of classes that we can take. The student environment here is fairly diverse, and most are friendly.
What I like about Edmonds Woodway High School is that it accepted the diversity and encouraged everyone to acknowledge their differences. In addition to that, it certainly provided special services for people with disabilities. That's one of its big plus. Besides that, in other areas, Edmonds Woodway High School did pretty decent. But in few areas, I feel should need some improvements.
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As a senior, I have legitimately enjoyed my High School experience here at Edmonds Woodway. A significant part of this school is the International Baccalaureate program offered, that although extremely difficult, offers better college possibilities. However, the Technology and Engineering classes are quite limited, and we do not have a STEM program like MTHS. There are a number of clubs and activities you can do after school, so no matter your interest you can probably find a group/club to spend your free time with. All the teachers try and are dedicated to ensuring that you actually learn and are prepared to enter the world.
I have been going to Edmonds Woodway for the past four years. I have enjoyed working with my teachers and my classmates. We are very spirited school with lots of opportunities to be social. There is never a dull moment at Woodway. Going to miss it a lot next year.
Edmonds Woodway has the IB program as a challenge and their athletics are consistently above average. The faculty is not as involved as I would like in the sense that a lot goes on and is ignored, whether it's stuff such as bullying or not cleaning up after oneself, or general bad manners.
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