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Edgerton High School is a wonderful place to receive an education. The class sizes are small, students are able to form genuine connections with teachers, and there are a large variety of sports and extracurriculars for students to participate in. It prepares students well for the job market, tech schools, and 4-year universities.
The people here care about us. They are very accommodating to personal needs. They have several different courses available.
I like that we have a phone policy. It helps me concentrate when I am in class and get my work done. I also like all my teachers. They are very considerate in helping me with all my questions, and I have a lot. Finally, all the students here at Edgerton are tight with each other. We all say hi to each other in the hallway and have good relationships outside of school.
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We are quite a small school, which means that everyone basically knows everyone and we are a pretty close group of students. We take a lot of pride in being a part of Bulldog Nation (go dogs!). I wish more AP and in-school CCP classes were offered. Overall, I love going to EHS and am blessed to be able to attend.
Edgerton High School was a great way for me to get involved, and make friends. The academics and courses offered were amazing. I loved the variety of both in class and online classes offered through Edgerton.
I moved there after attending a very large school district so I loved the small community and that everyone was able to get to know each other. Everyone from the students to the teachers were so nice and always encouraging.
Edgerton High School is a great school, but it needs more options for language classes and more options for sports.
For being a very small public school it's very nice in some respects. The teachers are all awesome people, they love what they do, and they care about your education. Their funding for art programs leaves much to be desired though.
Teachers who don't deserve a job still have one. Many inappropriate relationships between students and teachers
My favorite part about this school are the teachers. Every one of the teachers is very experienced in their fields, and I can ask them questions about anything and get a straight answer. I am also very thankful for the Foreign exchange program at our school, since they have given me my two best friends. We are recently also doing two different two-week exchanges, involving different countries. There are many chances in my school for us to be involved in many other cultures.
I feel like my daughter had good experiences at EHS. She had a rough start but was lucky to have a supportive guidance counselor, Mrs. Springstead and an amazing advisor and Art teacher, Mrs McCabe who be supported my daughter and encouraged her. Some "local favoritism" due to small town.
This school is great, I had a great time in it and would do it again.
Teachers are great, they are nice and care a lot about their students
At Edgerton we have many basic sports but nothing out of the box like curling, gymnastics, boxing, hockey, etc. we have a lot of clubs though, such as Spanish club, art league, math team, student council, DECA, FBLA, SADD, improve club, drama club, chamber singers, anime club, AFS, and a few others. There are quite a bit of students that participate in clubs, but there are more that are not on clubs. Sports in Edgerton get more attention from the administrations office than the clubs do.
There are many amazing things about this school. One being that after finals our administrators give us the opportunity to take a day and go places with groups of the school and have fun. We call this "Activity Day."

This can range from going skiing, ice skating, movies, touring museums, water parks, and swimming. What makes the school more unique is that we house foreign exchange students and they attended school with us. I feel this makes us a more diverse atmosphere for not only the students but also the teachers. The students get to connect with other cultures as well as the foreign exchange students getting a feel for America. I would chose this school again because I like how small it is and how you can make personal connections with the teachers sometimes. It helps with furthering your education better when you can have more one on one.
There are some amazing teachers that actually go above and beyond, but some that do not. All Edgerton High School teachers are qualified for their teaching positions. Most of the teacher genuinely care for us students, but some don't really have the communication skills to ask if we are doing okay with lesson. All most all of the teachers are consistent on their grading
The safety measures at this school are a lock on the front door between 8:30 and 2 and some security cameras in the hallways. I know we have a medical room in the school, but I don't believe we have a school nurse
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There are a lot of clubs and activities that students can take part in. So many that there are some that I didn't know were in existence. And as far as I know, every club is of high quality. I've never heard anyone complain about a low quality club.
This School has some fun things they do like taking a day off of school to let kids choose from a group of field trips they would like to go on. However, until this year I feel that I have been wasting my time in school because I was learning a variety of topics that I have no interest in instead of taking classes that would help prepare me for a job that I would want.
Some of the teachers don't keep the class engaged in learning, and make it hard to pay attention. While some teachers barely teach their class. While this isn't the case for most teachers it is for far too many.
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