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It was the best their food is good, the entire school is clean, the teachers are nice, and I got to learn about things I didn't before.
Great school! Food is amazing staff is great and the teachers teach excellently! Lessons are taught fantastically. I couldn’t complain.
This school has the best teachers, administrators and janitors. When I attended this school I loved to come and learn from my great teachers. My school was always clean and well supervised by the principal.
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This is a nice looking school on the outside, but inside it's not so pretty. The school is poorly ran. The administration and staff are very unprofessional. Bullying is a thing here at this school and they have a very nonchalant attitude about it and or ignore it completely. Incidents involving your child they do not follow proper protocol and notify you immediately. Few decent teacher's are at this school. Communication is poor and they're not use to concerned parent's or parent's involved with their child/ren's schooling. Children spend more time fighting than learning. Do not get fooled by the beauty on the outside this school is terrible!
Honestly this is one of the most poorly run schools I've ever encountered. The entire focus of the staff revolves around money, and test scores. My son was left unsupervised in PE today, and as a result, came home with a black eye, and broken glasses. The children decided to do backflips. On a gym floor, with no adults, or padding. They're lucky no one broke a neck. My children have experienced racism there, and have been singled out by staff over certain hairstyles (which are permitted per the dress code)
The communication is a joke, the teachers are sub par, one called my son evil, I'd just avoid this place like the plague.
It was all right I liked it I looks nice and the teachers are nice the food is good and I like it and I hope you like it I have moved over here from Fulton to hampton I moved a week ago I can not wait to go there you to ?
I enjoyed my experience at this school. I attended Eddie White Academy for 2 years and the experience was decent. The campus is beautiful.
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