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Ecole Classique gives each child attention and the entire school feels like one big family. Ecole has incredible drama performances.
Our children have been cared for truly seen. They don’t fall through the cracks at this school. The small classes provide more one-on-one time. The teachers are wonderful and I’m so thankful that Ecole entered our lives.
Ecole is an amazing school full of amazing people. The quality of education is outstanding and the teachers take the time to work with the students and really help them to understand the material. I recommend this school 100%.
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The principal of Ecole Classique is the most amazing role model a child can have while in school. The principal, David Federico, was instrumental in forming me into who I am today. He led by example and taught me that I will only get what I earn. He was always at school even on the weekends doing something to keep the school in working order. I can honestly say if it was not for him then I would not be on the path I am now.
I love the administration. Ecole Classique really cares and is always there to help.
I feel like bullying and drug use do take place, but the teachers and staff handle it immediately. I feel like my principal is a principal of mercy, and truly wants students to succeed.
Overall our academics are really good. I do feel that our school excels in placing their students into the classes they need for their learning habits. We have a great Learning Center program, and an excellent faculty to back it up. Our classes are also separated into Honors and Academics in order to fit our learning needs. Our staff cares deeply for all of their students, and will go to great lengths for anything they need in order to improve.
We do have a variety of sports our students can choose from. We do not really excel in sports therefore we are not very competitive, but we surely have a good time doing them. We do have good spirit, and the fans who come always do enjoy themselves. Our coaches are good motivators and guides. And we always have staff members on hand just in case of injury.
Our school has a wide variety of sports. We have many different options of sports that students cam get involved in. Our sports aren't very superior, therefore they aren"t very competitive. We are not the worst, but at the same time we aren't winning State Champs. Our school does not have a wide variety of clubs, but the ones we do have are excellent. Our best and most effective club is our Key Club. This club serves and volunteers our community, it has one several awards, and is basically the one major club that we have.
I love this school and all I have put into it. The family who runs this school are great people and are known by many in our area. They are all dedicated to this school and are always focused on helping their students. The teachers go to great lengths to accommodate their students and their learning abilities. We have a great Learning center program. And our staff is great. Our principal, David Federico, is an extraordinary man and is loved by many. The people who are involved in our school, because it is such a small school, do everything there is. There are many opportunities to shine in our school, you just have to put in the hard work and effort.
Our cafeteria has snacks for our 10 min break after 3rd period, and it also serves food for lunch. It's common snacks are usually chips. The lunch menu changes each day but stays is consistent each week. Monday is nachos, Tuesday is hot dogs, Wednesday is nuggets and fries, Thursday is pizza, and Friday a pasta bowl with a sauce that varies from week to week. My school has a variety of choices, just not very healthy ones.
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